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My Best Friend's Gorgeous Husband - Chapters 19-21

Submitted by on January 15, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang paghaharutan nina George at Chloe sa sala habang masusing tinatahi ni Doris ang nasirang tank top ni Chloe. Sobra ang thrill na nararamdaman nila sa patagong paghaharutan.

George: Istorbo talaga 'yong misis kahit kailan. Climax na sana, eh.

Hinapit ni George si Chloe at pinisil ang kaliwang utong nito gamit ang kaliwang kamay, habang sinapo naman ng kanang kamay nito ang basang-basang hiyas ni Chloe.

Chloe: Mmm...

George: Ahhh...

Pigil na pigil ang halinghing at ungol ng dalawang makasalanan. Binabantayan ang galaw sa kusina. Patuloy ang pagpisil ng madiin ni Chloe sa matigas at mahabang alaga ni George. Umangat ang kanang kamay ni George patungo sa kanang dibdib ni Chloe.

Chloe: Aaahhh...

Ipinasok ni Chloe sa loob ng boxer shorts ni George ang kanyang kamay at pinisil ng mariin ang titi nito. Unti-unti nang natutuyo ang laway niya na nakapaligid sa burat at itlog nito matapos niyang sipsipin at tsupain ang malaking alaga nito kanina.

George: Fuck...

Gayundin ang ginawa ni George at ipinasok ang kanyang mga kamay sa loob ng bra ni Chloe para pisilin ang utong nito.

Chloe: Aaahhh!

Biglang nakarinig sila ng ingay ng upuan sa kusina. Mas mabilis pa sa alas kwatro na itinigil ni Chloe ang pagpisil sa tarugo ni George at ni George sa paglamutak sa suso ni Chloe.


The 6-Step Guide for Eating Her Pussy

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Pampabuwenas lang. Konting tips sa tamang pagkain ng cake mula sa The Stallion Style site (link below). Konting twist mula sa akin.

Step #1 – Set Your Mind to Cunnilingus

Dapat gutom ka raw na parang leon. Just imagine that you are starving and her clit and pussy are the only things that you want to eat after weeks.

Step #2 – Tease Your Way Down Her Body

Halikan ang buong katawan (you can even throw a bite or two if she likes that). Simulan sa leeg pababa. Be gentle.

Huwag magbabad sa suso at nipples hahahaha (you should have done already during undressing). Magfocus sa:

1. Belly
2. Pelvic bone
3. Pubic bone

Gamitin ang hands and fingers for extra stimulation as well. Just remember to not to go inside her – just tease her playfully!

Step #3 – Use Kiss, Bite & Deep Breath Method

Eto importante, when she expects you to go for it, just blow on her pussy as you go over it slowly.

Begin in the area of her knee and go slowly and teasingly from there towards her pussy.

You can switch between kisses and very soft bites (this area is very sensitive so be extra gentle with your teeth!).


Kapag malapit ka na sa pussy, again blow slowly on it and go to other leg and repeat above steps. By this time, she should be soaking wet and beg you to eat her out already!


Sexually Charged Summer 2nd Part

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Sexually Charged Summer 2nd PartTumayo na kami ni Mark at nag bihis na kami ... Pinulot ni Mark ang black dress ko at bra and binihisan niya ako ... When he put on my bra, may kasamang licked at sucked sa nipples ko ... Shit! Nakaka panghina sa sobrang sarap ...
Parang ayaw ko munang mag bra and just let him continue what he was doing!

Alam na alam ni Mark ang effect of what he was doing to me ... He was giving me this sexy smile while he finally put back my bra ...

Binibitin niya ako ... Shit! Lalo akong umiinit!

He took my hand and we went back inside the house ... Mas lalong dumami ang tao at lahat mostly nagsasayawan from the great music the DJ was playing ...

Mark brought me to the bar, hinawakan niya waist ko sabay bulong if I wanted anything to drink ...

"Yeah, if they have Bailey's and Kahlua or Seven Seven (7-Up with Seven Seas American Whiskey) ..."

Kinausap ni Mark ang Bartender, sabay sabi, "Babe they have both..."

"Bailey's and Kahlua, double shots ... Thanks Mark.."

Mark planted a wet kiss on my lips and said, "Okay baby..."

When we already had our drinks, we decided to walk around and mingle with the crowd .. We went to a group sitting on a couch. Mga cousins niya pala. He introduced me and masarap ang kwentuhan ...

Every opportunity that Mark had, either he would plant a kiss on my cheek, on my nape, or sa lips ko .. And every time...

Sexually Charged Summer ...

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Sexually Charged Summer ...It was summer, month of May..
My friend called inviting me for an exclusive party somewhere in Makati...

Wala akong planong lumabas pero my friend was insisting na I go with her.
It was a Friday after all and nasa bahay lang ako buong araw.
I finally said yes sa kakulitan niya and agreed to meet in 3 hours.

I arrived sa place and saw my friend waiting for me outside.
We went inside sa malaking bahay where the party was..

When we got in, sobrang daming Tao.. Music was so loud pero it seemed
Like everyone was having a great time.

Ibat ibang lahi ang mga Tao doon, ages probably ranging from 30yrs old and up...

My friend took me to the center of the room. Since kilala ng friend ko mostly mga Tao doon,
She introduced me around.. At the far right side corner of the room, I saw a tall guy na kanina pa naka tigtig, and he had this sexy look on his face..
Kunwari di ko sya napansin pero, malayo pa Lang, may kakaiba na akong nararamdaman.

Finally, my friend brought me to him.
He was Mark. Half pinoy, half American. An executive sa isang Global banking institution...

Matangkad sya mga 6ft, tanned skin, light brown eyes and hair.. malalaman mo na kaagad na laging nasa gym sa sobrang ganda ng katawan...

He smiled and looked straight at me, and he extended his hand.
I took his hand and looked straight back at him.
He didn't shake my hand but instead...

Si d'licker at si wantstobelicked nagmeet sa YM

Submitted by on May 5, 2014 (4 years ago)
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"Sometimes wrong choices brings us to the right places...
     There is no such thing as coincidence....
we are exactly where we need to be on a particular moment"

1am. Nasa Ym ako mga 3 years ago.
Naghahanap ng room, nung active pa yung yahoo messenger at may
rooms pa na pang pinoys, sa pinas, themed rooms, adult or otherwise.

Ym nick na gamit ko before... "d'licker". I guess self explanatory.
Chat-chat. Ikot-ikot. Gala sa mg rooms until....

May nakita akong nick na female icon.  Ang nick nya... "wantstobelicked".
Coincidence? Hindi cguro, daming malilibog sa ym noon at naghahanap din ng libog.

Sinasadya? Oo pwede, kasi sinadya ko naman talaga yung nick ko kasi totoo naman.
Na, I love using my tongue most of the time during foreplay.

Naghahanap? I bet, ano pa ginagawa ko at ng ibang tao sa Ym kungdi maghanap ng
swak sa personality o likes nila.  Ano pa ba?

Eto na, sabi ko sa sarili ko.

True story eto ha.  Isang gabi na kaka-ym.
Nakita ko nick ni "watstobelicked".

Nasa room lang ako.... then nag pm sya.
Bakit yan nick mo?
Sabi ko... sa tingin mo?

Sabi niya... kasi gusto mo maglick?
Sabi ko, super! As in I can do it for hours and hours.

And dun na kami nagsimula magchat.  Kasi sabi niya, bakit kaya ganun.
Super gusto naman nya magpalick, to the point na yun lang ang gusto nya gawin sa...

neighbors hot wife 4

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Looking at what rico was doing and seeing my wife so turned by his touching and caressing made me incredibly aroused. My wife was staring at my stiffness and knew that i was enjoying as she was. She placed her hand atop of each his hand and sort of guided them. She was now breathing heavily. She slowly opened her eyes, looked at me once again and said, ' oh honey, it feeeels soooo gooood. Is it ok if i suck his cock'? Without waiting for me to answer, she quickly spun around to face rico and knelt in front of him. She slowly grasped his cock and stroked it up and down. "Oh, god, its sooo big and hard." She then took it slowly inside her mouth while moaning loud enough for me to hear. "Ummmm, ummm" went her noaning as she was now really giving him head. Rico was looking down at her with his mouth a bit opened and saying how good it felt. This went on for a few minutes until rico could not help it so he stood her up and pushed her down on the bed facing up. He right started kissing and licking her from the neck down sto her tits. There he stopped shortly and sucked each or her nipples gently. He alternately licked and sucked each one. My wife kept moaning continously while brushing lightly his hair. She suddenly stopped moaning when she felt rico's tongue licking her thighs and moved further in towards her pussy which was now really wet. He slowly licked her and sucked on her pussy lips while flciking his tongue at her clit. My wife was now moving her head from side to side wit...

neighbor's hot wife 3

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Seeing all these just made me unsure of what i was feeling. I was trying to check myself if there were any pangs of jealousy deep within me or any anger that i could detect that was growing within. I felt neither of these feelings inside but only the stiffness of my cock getting harder. I knew that swapping wives with my friend would be a turn on but i did not expect it to be this easy. And god was i really turned on. Nevertheless, we made it to the beach and the four of us got out of the car and slowly walked towards the airconditioned room that was reserved for us. While silently walking, my wife came up beside me and held my hand. I responded by smiling at her and giving her a short kiss on the lips as an assurance that she has nothing to worry about and for her, and me as well, to make the most of this night and enjoy everything that was going to happen. Upon reaching the room, we opened the door and saw that it had a king size bed and a not so long leather couch place at the foot of the bed facing the bed. On all four walls of the dimmed light room were nothing but mirrors. Mirrors all over, even the ceiling were covered by mirrors. The bathroom door was made of a one way glass mirror that reflected the inside of the room but hid any view towards the bathroom. I mean, standing inside the room and seeing all the beautiful furnitures and fixtures that were neatly arranged to provide maximum space, and feeling the coolness of the air and seeing nothing but your reflection o...