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Kape o Kantot (Final Serving)

Submitted by on January 28, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Kape o Kantot (Final Serving)Tapos na ang init. Nakahiga na lang sila. After that plain and honest admission of Sam about how she feels, pareho silang natahimik. 

And then she heard that song being played through the pipe-in sound system of the room. All Of Me.

"I love that song. Forever LSS yata ako sa kantang yan."

"We performed that during my daughter's debut."

"Aw shit, tumutugtog ka nga pala! Hanggang ngayon ba?"

"Not regularly. Alam mo naman ang buhay ko. Pag may oras, sumasama sa praktis-praktis."

"Gusto ko talaga yang kantang yan."

"Sige pag may time ako irerecord ko ang tugtog ko para sayo."

"Ayy sweet! Di nga? Naalala ko tuloy si office crush, nagbabanda din yun eh, pero keyboards siya. Grinab ko yung uploaded video niya sa FB na tinutugtog yan hahaha."

"Takte! Wag na! Hindi na ko magi-effort pa irecord yan para ikumpara mo lang sa kung sinong tukmol."

"Ay, me ganon? Sinabi ko bang ikucompare ko? Di ka naman adik niyan kuya?"

"Weh. Sino namang tukmol yang crush mo? Mahiya ka nga, tanda na kumacrush pa?!"

"Eh ikaw pala ang tukmol eh. Bakit para sa mga bata lang ba ang crush? Tsaka ang wafu kaya nun para maging tukmol."

"Anong FB niya para makilatis?"

"Kilatis mo mukha mo. Stalker ang peg?"

"Sus. Di wag. Sige ikaw na lang ang humanap sa friends list ko ng pangalang Michelle. Crush ko naman yun."

"Ok. Check your messenger l...

Journey (from the lacrimal gland to the ground)

Submitted by on December 12, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Journey (from the lacrimal gland to the ground)
Salinity starts to fill my eyes,
As you try to say your goodbyes;
And how quickly it fills up,
When you said you're giving up.
I close my eyes one last time,
Did i committed a crime?
Raging thoughts made me frown;
'Cause im starting to drown.
My eyes began to swell,
You could tell i'm not doin well;
And bitter tears roll out,
On my face in a pout.
As the tears roll down my cheek,
It shows that i am weak;
May it be a catalyst,
And erase mem'ries on my list.
As they pass by my lip,
Oh you're such a pip!
'Cause you made them quiver,
And it'll never stop to shiver.
Down to my chin,
I'll count this as your sin;
No use wiping it now,
Its something you'd allow.
And as the tear let go,
I hope they'd be a bit slow
On falling to the ground,
To cherish what I have found.

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Looking Back . . .

Submitted by on February 23, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Looking Back . . .This evening while I was driving back to work, this song played in my selections and it brought me back to where I was 9 months ago. The time, where I had to let go of a man I thought I would end up with ..
And the song I mentioned in the first part is entitled BREAKEVEN and is from the band, The Script ... I swear the first 6 months after that break up, I played the song LITERALLY every day.. over and over until it sank to me to forgive, forget, move on and get a life ..

But that journey?? It was one of the most painful realization I went through .. And if not for the time and compassion of my friends, support of my family  - - I could say, I would still probably be caught in that moment ...

Know that everyone goes through a stage where their loved one hurts them.. A stage where your dreams, your hopes go down the drain as if they were nothing..

And if you are in this stage as I write this, know that it is a - - "stage" ..
You have to go through the pain, the denial part, the ifs, the buts, the why and how.
Take it ... Cry if you have to ... Shout if you have to .. Be bitter if you have to ...
Hate the world if you have to.

But do not stay in that stage for long ... You have to rise to the occasion .


One last look . . .

Submitted by on October 10, 2014 (3 years ago)
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One last look . . .***mawv 5:02am 101114
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My mobile phone kept on beeping while I was about to sleep .. When I looked at it, I saw my bestfriends several messages. One of them that stood out was a message that said, "check your FB, I sent you a message .." ..
So I did, thinking that it might be extremely important or else, she wouldn't even bother sending me messages at 4am!!
Typical reaction of a woman who would have read her bestfriend's message would have been that of elation.
But when I  saw what she sent, I felt sadness and mused over the fact, that not so long ago, I too was in that situation.
My bestfriend - - knowing that I do not check my Euro ex's FB & his "present" lovelife, - -was very "obliging" enough to share what she found out from his "current" girl.

"I just want a man who will love me more than i love my self...
Honest, loyal and respect me,
Nothing else..."

And what she found out from my ex's relationship status was - - - single . . .

I wrote her back and said to her that I appreciated her gesture and her good intentions. But reminded her that when I let him go, I also let go of my emotions that came with him ... In fact, it was almost 4 years overdue ...

A Heart's Ode

Submitted by on September 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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A Heart's OdeAnd I am bidding you goodbye,
One last teardrop rollin down,
One last embrace for the times gone by,
And 'thou this heart maybe broken,
One day I know, it would still be mending....


Submitted by on August 17, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Kailangan ko ng bumitaw-
Sa isang relasyon na hilaw.
Pagka't nawala na ang ilaw,
Heto't ibigay na ang pataw.

Ilang panahon ang binigay,
Parang inialay ang buhay.
Ngunit nawalan din ng saysay,
Ako nga ay parang namatay.

Bakit ba hindi pinapansin?
Kahit ano pa aking gawin.
Ako'y nagmistulang alipin,
Ginawa lahat ng sabihin.

Ako nga'y mawawala sayo,
Nawa ay iyong mapagtanto,
Na di ako isang anino-
Ako'y taong nagmahal syo....

and life goes on

Submitted by on July 7, 2014 (3 years ago)
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And it ended just like that. No tears for a change and it felt good in a way.
I just had to do it.To save myself from being hurt once again for I know it’s going to happen sooner or later. I needed to give myself a breathing space from all these.

I will miss the arguments. It made me see myself in a way I haven’t seen Me for a time. I was willing to fight back to what I know is right for me. And he respects that. Though with some coaxing I would gave in which is natural. Arguing can be tiring at times.

He wanted to teach me things. For me to be brave enough to face life’s cruelty. And i would tell him I’ve been thru my own highs and lows. I think I’ve come prepared. But he thinks otherwise. That I was still hiding in my own lil shell. And when we go on our way I would wonder about it.Why are you so afraid of your own sensuality he would asked and i pondered on about that question for days..Am i really afraid? Why are you so afraid of people seeing you? Why are you hiding out there? Endless questions.

If was falling? Almost. But I think when you go through so much in life, you will see the signs, and you will know when to stop, you have to stop, if you don’t want to be in the same cycle over and over.T hats what I’ve learned this time around.

And I hope to be ‘braver’ when the next come along..hahahaha talagang looking forward sa next ang Manang.....