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The Runaway Bride

Submitted by on December 27, 2013 (4 years ago)
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The Runaway BrideI was about to get married until I realized that I was'nt indeed yet ready.
I'm afraid i'm only nineteen years old to become a spouse for eternity.
furthermore, I also know nothing about motherhood someday, even parenting.

The problem is, i'm now actually walking along the red carpeted mile of the aisle while facing the Golden Altar.
I took a deep breath as my heartbeat's going faster and faster.
I'm having two mind and really having a hard time deciding.
completely underpressure thinking if I can really say "I Do".

I find that noisy orchestral maneuvers so very annoying as if they were out of tune.
for a sudden, I glanced at my parents-in-law to be, standing next to the altar, I can barely see the gladness in their eyes inasmuch as the happiness grown in my fiance eyes as I stared at him.

I feel too nervous, totally anxious as I find it difficult to make another step.

"Take a look at your lawfully husband-to-be, is'nt he has the face of a million happiness?"
said my alongside mother sealed with a smile.

No words came out of my shivery soft lips, I just smiled back, and also with my father walking with me on my other side.

"Do I really love you?"
words that keeps going inside my mind, waiting for a sign.
I can't take my eyes out of him as if he thinks I admire him.
He always put that revulsionery smile on his disgusting face, and for the sake of this miserable e...