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Ladies' Confessions Series: Unwanted Guest

Submitted by on April 2, 2015 (3 years ago)
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“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LISAAAAA!!!”, as all of my friends were cheering!

It was my 22nd birthday. I was celebrating it with some of our college friends. We were at the comfort of our home. My boyfriend, Julius, planned a mini-gathering and invited few of our closest friends back in college. It was just 9PM that time and the party was just getting started.

“Hey, babe! Happy Birthday!”, as Julius approached me and gave me a smack on the lips while I was sitting on a heightened chair.

“Thanks, babe! Thank you for inviting everyone to celebrate it with me!”, I politely said.

“No problem po. It's the least that I can do.”, as he kissed me again.

My relationship with Julius has always been a roller coaster ride. Both of us are not perfect, we know that. We have our quarrels and misunderstandings, like normal boyfriend-girlfriend do. But I have a deep dark secret that I was still keeping from him, Alvin. Almost 2 months since Alvin and I had our motel escapades. We continued our communication via text messages, but haven't seen him since. Julius didn't know anything about him or what I've done. It was just a matter of time before I could drop the bomb on him or he might find out himself. For that point in time, I was just going with the flow.

“Happy Birthday, dear! Cheers!”, as one of my girl friends, Nikki, approached me to have a toast.


Ladies' Confessions Series: Deceitful Act

Submitted by on March 30, 2015 (3 years ago)
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What started as a simple birthday party that turned out to be one of my unfaithful acts in my life. To a reconciliation with my then boyfriend, Julius, and to be living normally again with him that time. Which in the end, had me sleeping with somebody else all over again. Yep, the story of my young college life!

It was almost a year after I had that steamy altercation with Alvin, a friend of my best friend's boyfriend, that happened in a party. Julius didn't really find out what went down between me and Alvin. I kept it as a dark secret from him for a long, long time. We had a chance to fix our relationship, in just one “reconciliation sex” with my boyfriend, an offer that he couldn't really turn down. After that, everything was going smoothly again and we were back into that “boyfriend, girlfriend” thingy. Both of us were at our last semester that time and focusing solely in our studies. Despite the pressure we were having in school, Julius and I still managed to find time to date and of course, “make love”. It's one of our ways to step back and un-stress for a while, before heading back to rigorous studying.

Things were heading into the right direction thus far, but one day, while I was still in class, I received a text message from an unknown number.

??: Hi, Lisa! Musta?
Me: Sino 'to?
??: It's me, Alvin. From Nico's party, do you still remember?

I was sure that Dee, my best frien...


Submitted by on February 16, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Valerie"Alam kong dalawangpu't-tatlong taon ang agwat ng edad namin, pero hindi ito dahilan para hindi ko siya mahalin, ang importante sa 'kin ay masaya ako sa piling niya at masaya ako sa relasyon namin at kahit kailan hindi matanda ang tingin ko sa kanya.

Mahal ko siya, at alam kong mahal din niya ako, hindi pera ang habol ko sa kanya at alam kong hindi lang ang katawan ko ang gusto niya.
Ito ang aking kwento."


(This is a work of Fiction. Any resemblance of any material used in the story to an actual living or non-living is definitely coincidental. Vulgarity of such words were used for further collaboration. Please do not continue reading if you are below 18 years of age.)

Simulan natin sa manliligaw kong si Cedric, isang anak-mayaman na gwapo, matipuno at masasabi kong siya ay isang tipo na "Man of her dreams".
Sa edad niyang 22 ay may pinanghahawakan na siyang sariling negosyo, pamana sa kanya ng mga magulang niya.

Ngunit bago ko pa man nakilala si Cedric ay may mas nauna na sa kanya na nanliligaw din sa akin.
Si Mr. Celerino, isang matandang binata na tulad ni Cedric ay negosyante din,
Pero malaki ang agwat ng edad namin ni Mr. Celerino, 44 na siya habang ako ay 21 pa lang at halos kaka-graduate lang sa kolehiyo.

Nakilala ko si Mr. Celerino dahil sa ex-classmate ko at bestfriend kong si Arleen, empleyado kasi siya sa kumpanya ni Mr. Celerino.

Sabi ni Arleen, mula daw nang m...