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Taglibog .... Na Naman ....

Submitted by on April 27, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Naranasan nyo na ba 'yong feeling na sobrang libog nyo na at gusto nyong manghila ng kung sino nalang because you wanted more than what masturbation could offer? Effing frustrating dba? Lalo na kung umiiral pa din 'yong morals mo over your libog!

I have this abdominal cramps again since Tuesday night and I thought baka magkakarun lang ako kaya masakit puson ko. When I woke up the following day I still had the cramps but no period came so I said to myself, "makapag-DIY nga, baka libog lang 'to".

So while nakababad ang likod ko sa maligamgam na tubig from the shower ay pumikit na ako at nilaro ang aking clit and nips. But after a few minutes of rubbing and pinching ay di pa din ako nilabasan kaya tinapos ko nalang ang aking pagligo then I went to the office with the discomfort in my belly still there.

I had a busy morning and while I was doing my "rounds", I could feel my clit rubbing against my panty and the wetness starting to soak the fabric. It felt agonizingly nice and I had to let out a few soft moans to ease the discomfort. I desperately wanted to touch my wet pussy. And I was seconds away from grabbing my crush who happens to be one of my officemates. If only he's not married and if only his wife is not a friend, I could have seduced him a long time ago.

So I had to endure that tormenting feeling for like an hour, kasi andami pang tinanong 'yong isa kong kaofficemate and when I finally had the chance to sit down, na-feel ko n...