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Smiling Girl from Korea

Submitted by on September 7, 2013 (3 years ago)
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This happened June 2010.  I used to be a party goer, although I'm not a heavy drinker, 3-4 bottles of beer would be my regular limit, I love to barhop and enjoy going out with friends.  On one occasion, my college classmates invited me to a night out to celebrate a work promotion.  We went to a bar uptown where there were lots of Koreans hang-out.  We luckily got a table and just observe the people dancing (most of them are Koreans).  I am smoker so I decided to go out and stay outside and drink and smoke there with 2 friends.  As we know, Koreans come in groups and stays in groups so we were pessimistic our chances with korean girls.  Going back inside, we already noticed our friends dancing with girls (pinays) and seem to enjoy themselves already, so the 3 of us finished our drinks outside and got a table there.  We just chated when out of the blue, a group of 3 korean girls approached our table and asked if we had a light since they don't have a lighter.  We offered them our lighter and invited them to sit with us on our table.  They declined our invitation.  We also noticed they were with some male korean companions so we just continued with what we were doing (guy talk).

A few minutes later, the same korean girl approached our table and this time she was alone asking to borrow our lighter.  We offered it to her and told her she can keep it as the 3 of us guys had lighters.  My friend Ed introduced himself, me and Jojo.  She told us her name was...