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neighbor's hot wife 3

Submitted by on April 18, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Seeing all these just made me unsure of what i was feeling. I was trying to check myself if there were any pangs of jealousy deep within me or any anger that i could detect that was growing within. I felt neither of these feelings inside but only the stiffness of my cock getting harder. I knew that swapping wives with my friend would be a turn on but i did not expect it to be this easy. And god was i really turned on. Nevertheless, we made it to the beach and the four of us got out of the car and slowly walked towards the airconditioned room that was reserved for us. While silently walking, my wife came up beside me and held my hand. I responded by smiling at her and giving her a short kiss on the lips as an assurance that she has nothing to worry about and for her, and me as well, to make the most of this night and enjoy everything that was going to happen. Upon reaching the room, we opened the door and saw that it had a king size bed and a not so long leather couch place at the foot of the bed facing the bed. On all four walls of the dimmed light room were nothing but mirrors. Mirrors all over, even the ceiling were covered by mirrors. The bathroom door was made of a one way glass mirror that reflected the inside of the room but hid any view towards the bathroom. I mean, standing inside the room and seeing all the beautiful furnitures and fixtures that were neatly arranged to provide maximum space, and feeling the coolness of the air and seeing nothing but your reflection o...

Patawad II

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"Here's your order sir,Ribeye steak,Inihaw na Mahi mahi,assorted fruits and a bottle of chilled red wine.That will be 2,500 php pls."
Phew!Buti na lang at may pera ako na dala kung hindi e pahiya ako kay Lisa.Paid the bill brought the food to where Betsy was parked.Inside I saw her all curled up,the seat was reclined.Good thing she was wearing the race jacket kung hindi e nilalamig siya kahit ba nasa loob nang sedan.I opened the car and she stirred up as I was slipping on the drivers seat.
"Uhhhh...tagal mo naman."
"Sorry,you know it takes a while to cook the food you said I should order for ya."
"Ikaw,what did you get?Baka gutom na gutom ka na,i'll drive while you rest for a while."
"Naw,kaya ko pa naman mag drive."
"Malayo pa ba?"
"Nope,you know where the radar is right?"
"Well it's just nearby so I don't think i'd get tired getting us there,alright?"
Inayos niya ang pag upo niya.Started Betsy again,pulled out of the parking lot and made a left heading for that place she ans I were to hide out.
We arrived at the place.It's inside a valley,the ones where it's kinda deep when looking at it afar.It's inhabited but at that time of night most of the locals where asleep.I knew the place since we own it and I had the key to the house.I stopped at the closed gate,got out rang the doorbell till the househelp came out sleepily.
"Ser,pasensya na..nakatulog ako eh..."
"Ok lang,sige buksan mo na at ako na ang bahala sa aming 2...

Foreplay First

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Foreplay FirstForeplay is a basic part of the whole lovemaking understanding. Most men and women in the whole world who had already experienced lovemaking will surely agree that long and sensual foreplay will lead to the best sexual encounter. Foreplay will bring more pleasure to you and your partner if you really put an effort while doing it. A reason for this is because when both parties are fully aroused only then can they achieve maximum pleasure.

There is a long list of activities that is classified as foreplay. These activities consist of undressing your partner, kissing and petting. Most people said that undressing your partner increases the eroticism and excitement it what willhappen next. Foreplay will help both partners enjoy the lovemaking even more. It will also help women reach orgasm more often.

There is not really a definite way or a definite guideline on how to do foreplay. Every woman is different from one another. What may please one will not necessarily mean that it will please the other. Foreplay is about understanding what makes your partner happier and what will be more pleasurable to your partner and to yourself as well.

Paying attention to the details will surely help you in your lovemaking with your partner. You have to create the right environment so that you can set the mood or the atmosphere. Once this is achieved, you can start doing foreplay. You have to slowly begin the process of foreplay. You can...

Foreplay: The Best Way To Get Started

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Foreplay: The Best Way To Get StartedMaking love is more than just having sex. Foreplay is the start, middle and ending to great love making. It can be made fun, unpredictable, and very satisfying. It also can help you get to know your partner a little more.

Kissing is the first step in making love. However, not just kissing your partner on his or her mouth. Instead, you can kiss every part of body and really explore your partner’s body.

Aside from kissing, you can also “nibble” which sort of tickles a person and helps to heat things up.

You can also give your partner a sensual massage. You don’t have to be an expert just gently touch, press and/or squeeze your loved one’s body.

Also focus on your partner’s sensitive areas. This is where you can arouse your partner even more.

Whispering sexy things during foreplay can and will add another level of sexual pleasure that will leave your partner very aroused. Whispering gives a certain feeling of sensuality and sexiness.

You can also do a full body press to the body of your partner. Imagine that you and your partner are two loaves of bread just stuck together in passionate love.

Take a shower together and wash each others bodies along with kissing and caressing. This is very popular and sexually gratifying sensuous act. Remember to take things slowly, explore your partner, see what they like and always strive to give them the best pleasure imaginable. The great th...