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Sword Art Online Chapter 16.5

Submitted by on March 19, 2013 (5 years ago)
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Ito yung hentai na chapter sa SAO. Sa mga 18+ lang ito pinakita dahil maraming bata na nanonood.

Asuna plopped down naked on the sofa and glared defiantly at me.
"...Kirito, hurry up and take your clothes off," she said in an authoritative tone.
"What...w-we're continuing?"
"It would be stupid if we stopped here!!"
I hurriedly complied. Opening the window indicated by Asuna, I toggled off the option buried deep within the menu.
Because of the hurried start, there was no romantic mood to speak of. Sitting on the bed which was slightly too small for the two of us, we slowly did as much as the system would allow.
The dim blue moonlight filtered through the window, casting complex shadows on the bed.
Since Salemburg has no marketplace, the townspeople disappear at night. The only thing that I could hear was the faint whispering of the lake, and my alarm-like heartbeat which seems to echo around the room.
By this time, Asuna and I had removed all of our clothing. We had been kneeling on the bed in front of one another for about 2 and a half minutes. I couldn't read Asuna's expression as she balled up her fists on her knees and looked down. I thought that I should probably be the one to take the first action in this situation, but not being able to predict the outcomes of any of my choices, I sat in petrified silence. I considered what would happen if I were to yell out, "Sorry!" and re-equipped minimal clothing at mach sp...