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College Party expats style

Submitted by on September 13, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Im Johnny, 37, separated (legally separated but not annulled) with 2 kids, and my friends say "malas sa love pero swerte sa sex".  I live in my own house (ancestral home) alone with a not stay-in househelp.  My siblings and parents have migrated sa Australia. They say I have high sex appeal (probably because they say sex makes you look younger).

This story happened last year but decided to post it since yung girl na star sa story is already an ex of a nephew.  So let me begin with introductions of the cast.  Si Dexter is the nephew of my ex-wife.  He was a ring bearer on our wedding and grew up in the US.  He came back to Pinas to study college here.  You could say na he's really a hunk based on the girls chasing him, he's tall about 5'9", athletic, and good looking.  Si Mikee, not real name, was the gf of Dexter then.  She is a little bit chubby (malaman), about 5'4, maputi, malaki boobs (34C), and looks like Mickey Ferriols.  Si Joy, maputi din, about 5'1", malaki din boobs (34C) din, mestisa, pero mukha nya ka look-alike ni Donna Cruz.

Dexter was close to me when he was little.  He lived with us after we got married with her aunt, till nag 10yo na sya ng ma approve yung immigrant visa nya wd her sister.  I lost track of him since nag hiwalay kami ng tita nya.

I was in a Watsons buying something when I heard someone shouted, Tito Johnny.  I just ignored it since no one would call me Tito Johnny.  I was lining up near the cas...