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A Day in the Justice League (A Story Retold)

Submitted by on May 13, 2014 (4 years ago)
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A gang of teen-aged boys were debating who is their best superhero. One said Superman, others said Batman, while the rest mention other superheroes. But one kid mentions Invisible Man.

“Man, that’s not even a superhero,” the other kid protests.

“I tell you, Invisible Man is the best superhero.” Here's why.

Wonder Woman, a member of the Justice League, decides to unwind after completing her tour of duty in her homeland, Themyscira. She returns to the Hall of Justice, the superheroes’ homebase, and goes to the penthouse with glass walls to have her skin tanned. Upon reaching the place she quickly undresses herself revealing her very sexy body, thinking that nobody would dare to take a peek on her. She prepares the folding bed and other accessories for relaxation. Once everything’s ready, she lays on her back, her legs and arms spread, and relaxes.

Meanwhile, Superman, perspiring profusely, and feeling horny, returns to earth from his mission in space. He didn’t know he got infected with an different and rare type of kryptonite during his battles with a monster alien. His dick is growing by the minute and he needs release before he goes crazy.
Nearing the Hall of Justice home base, he sees Wonder Woman on the penthouse laying on her back like a starfish waiting to be picked. He decides to fuck her right there and then but at the last minute he re-evaluated his pl...