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Grace(Wanna feel the pleasure while reading? Relax your mind. Take your time, read it slowly. Do not skip lines, understand the plot. Use your imagination. Get your senses involved. Try to feel what those characters felt, to see what they saw.)

Lahat tayo may pangarap, pero hindi lahat ng pangarap natutupad. Lalo na kung mataas ang pangarap na gusto mong abutin. Tulad ko na matayog kung mangarap;

Lahat tayo may pag-ibig, pero hindi lahat wagas kung magmahal. May panandalian, may pangmatagalan at meron din namang nananatili habang buhay. Yung tipong tunay at totoo.

Paano kung maipit ka sa dalawang pinakamahalagang bagay sa buhay mo? Alin ang pipiliin mo?
Ang 'Pangarap' mo na matagal mo ng inaasam, o ang 'Pag-ibig' mo na matagal mo ng iniingatan?

Parehong 'once in a life time'.
Parehong mahirap palampasin.
Parehong hahamakin ang lahat.
Sometimes, we have to choose what is best for us and we have to give up the rest.

Pangarap o Pag-ibig?

(This is a work of Fiction. Any resemblance of any material used in this story to an actual living or non-living is definitely coincidental. Vulgarity of such words were used for further collaboration. Please do not continue reading if you are below 18 years of age.)

Call me Grace.
It's still fresh in my mind the hardest part of my life that haunts me every single night.

He was my first love.
He was the sweetest and the most romantic...