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Isla Maniwaya

Submitted by on August 31, 2015 (2 years ago)
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“But nothing ever gets me high like this I pick my poison and it's you Nothing could kill me like you do You're going straight to my head And I'm heading straight for the edge I pick my poison and it's you”

The song by Rita Ora was echoing in my ear as I woke up from my siesta in a Hammock in my little island Marinduque. I have lived this simple life in a little island named Maniwaya with my beautiful wife. I stood from my hammock looking as the sun was setting. I was admiring the beautiful sunset when suddenly a beautiful apparition from the ocean sprung up. A beautiful woman with sun kissed skin and body that was as sexy as hell wearing a simple two piece. As she walks out of the water you can see how her beautiful curves of 36 28 38 was making a beautiful shadow, from a far you can see how she puts on her  “balabal” in her waist that accentuate her 5’6 height. She was walking towards where I was standing and seeing those little chinita eyes looking at me with a little sparkle.

As she walks infront of me and gave me a peck in the lips.

“good morning sleepy head , I went for a little dip”

Yes, this amazing woman was my beautiful wife of five years, Amihan.

“Sorry I must have dozed off, but looking at you on that beach woke me up”

She puts her hands on my chest gave me another kiss.

“ohh babe t...