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HOW TO BE A CUNNING LINGUISTThere are numerous terms I can think of really. It had been called “dining at the Y,” “drinking from the furry cup” (and this is of course applicable if it’s hairy down there hence the word “fur”), “eating someone out,” “licking someone out,” “lip service” (though I must say that this one is most used in reference to blowjobs), “candy licking,” etc, etc. 

Now here’s what every guy should now about eating a girl out. 

Don’t get so worked up before sinking your tongue deep between her sweet slit. 

Do not be an impatient person. 

Going down on your girl is not about bathing her with your tongue. Use your tongue, lips, teeth, hands, fingers, arms, the vibrations from your voice, and anything else you can think of. Get creative. Most people consider eating pussy “foreplay,” but I think that there should be a ton of REAL foreplay leading up to it. 

Her mouth is a good place to start. 

Kiss her. It’s a pretty innocent concept. If she’s a big kisser, spend more time in this department. Trail kisses from her lips to her jaw, pressing your lips gently up along her jaw line. 

Rest your lips right under her ear, let it linger on that sensitive spot before tracing the outline of her earlobe with your tongue. After your tongue wets it a little, take it in your mouth. You’ll feel her shoulders blades press together while you suck on her earlobe.