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In Love si Rabbit.

Submitted by on April 16, 2014 (4 years ago)
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When I first joined FSS, my goal was just to share my writings and my experiences. time goes on nagkaroon ako ng mga kaibigan dito. then you came along, Honestly sa una, di ko naman talaga inakala that we will find ourselves in eachothers arms. we were just like friends lng talaga sharing and talking about everything we could think of.

   then I whispered you asking for your number. swerte ko naman binigay mo. there on text2 tayo, but you seemed to be not much of a texting person because of the short replies, di ka rin ma kwento. time goes on again, sa tagal I forgot your number na. I asked you again, then tampo tampo ka pa nun hehe kaya sinusuyo kita para makuha ko ulit, swerte ko ulit, you texted me with a "Hmp" ayun sorry na naman ulit. ayun text2 tayo ulit hehe

   On March 26, that was wednesday text2 tayo about relationships, basta yun may napag usapan tayo dun but hndi yung highlight, that night, that night was special, that was night I ask you if pwede kitang tawagan. that was the first time I heard that voice of yours, the voice that keeps on whispering on my head. that magical night and kept us awake for hours justing talking and pretending to be cuddling. that night that the rabbit fell. 

And now here I am, ever sweet and so in love sayo, others might think im crazy, well maybe its true, I am crazy,I'm crazy for you. :) Butterflies always feels my tummy whenever you and I are talking. hours semmed enternity while I am waiting...