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a need for therapy

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Taylor Woodward was thrilled when a fellow student Ricky Stokes gave her the key to his cottage in Derbyshire.

“Go and spend a quiet week-end there,” he said, “I hardly ever use it anymore.”

Taylor, an American studying at the prestigious Cambridge University in England, hadn’t had the time to see much of the country since she’d been there. This offer seemed to be a golden opportunity. She planned to travel by bus so that she would see as many towns and villages as possible during her journey north. It was also part of her plan to mingle with the locals in this small English town with the intriguing name of Matlock Bath.

Taylor didn’t know Ricky that well. He was a bit of a goofy character, what Monte Python might describe as an upper class twit. He suddenly appeared at her table in the cafeteria one day and ask her if she was an American. The conversation progressed from there into what she was doing for the long week-end. His offer did seem terribly generous but she had no reason to distrust him.

When she climbed on the bus for the first stage of the journey there was a rather handsome young guy with a back pack just in front of her. When she changed buses in Coventry he was there again and then when she was on the last leg of the journey from Derby to Matlock Bath he was there yet again.
On arrival in the beautiful little mountain town he got out of the bus just in fron...