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Crazy Mary

Submitted by on December 11, 2017 (6 months ago)
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She hears voices inside her head
The one that will crawl in her bed
T’was sweet and soft but not from heaven
Always coming every now and then

Every morning is a struggle to her
Evening isn’t a good time either
Haunted, seems someone looking in the window
Later did she know, it was her own shadow

As she wakes up and open her eyes
There’s no more paradise
It’s quite and there’s no light in the room
Screaming loud yet no ones home

Fear took over her mind and soul
She don’t know what to do anymore
Another battle to fight with her monster
Someone help her, come faster

There’s no bruises in her body
The demon hide it properly
Try to look into her eyes, you’ll see...
Everything that he did to Mary