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To Wash Or not To Wash (That is the Question)

Submitted by on February 10, 2016 (2 years ago)
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This blog has been nagging my mind for quite a time now.  Pero medyo  tipong  wala sa priority  ko kaya naburo  ng matagal.

But last night while surfing  sa TV, I stumbled upon an episode sa National Geographic which prompted me to write this blog.

This is about Hygiene.  For Men Only.

I  had often wondered before how many men washed  their  hands after  mag  jingle. 

Through the years, whenever na sa public  CR ako --movie house, mall,  restaurant, hotel..terminals, airport,  etc..including  pay toilets—I can’t help but observed  ang  mga lalake na naghuhugas ng mga kamay  after mag jingle.

I have observed din ang mga growing number of overweight  people , women in particular, sa mga passengers ng jeep in the years that I have been a commuter. But then again, that  is another story.

Back to the main issue.  

Give me a wild guess kung ilan  sa bawat sampung mga lalake ang naghuhugas ng kamay. Five, six seven?

 First,  I want to share with you (not to you)  the result of the  study/observation in said TV  episode that  took place in America.

67%  lang daw ang naghuhugas ng kamay pagtapos jumingle!

Rounding it off,  this translates  to about 7 out of 10 men  who  practice good hygiene!


Now, based on my personal observation here in the country.  My educated estimate is about  less than 50%....