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Five Sexy Moves You Don't Do in Bed. By Sari Locker

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Five Sexy Moves You Don't Do in Bed. By Sari LockerRomantically speaking, when it comes to heating things up, most people think of heading straight to the bedroom. While this makes sense for certain activities, that doesn't mean you two should be acting chaste as monks outside the boudoir. With a little creativity, seduction and sensuality can happen at any point in your day, whether you're strolling hand-in-hand down the street or kicking back in front of the TV together.

1. Partial public displays of affection
Pretty much all couples have engaged in some public displays of affection -- but what's even hotter are PDAs that are slightly hidden. Just ask Jess, 29, from Brooklyn, N.Y.: "I had this one boyfriend who would squeeze my thigh under the table whenever we were out to dinner with my friends or relatives," she says. "It always turned me on -- in fact, sometimes I'd have to kick him pretty hard to get him to stop." What makes semi-PDAs so arousing? Perhaps because it's a secret only you two are aware of -- and a test for your sweetie to maintain his or her composure.

2. Hand-holding gets hot
Lots of couples hold each other's hands ... but is it a turn-on? Probably not the way most people do it. But that can easily change. The next time you two are at a movie or watching TV with your digits entwined, up the intensity by treating your partner's mitts to a mini-massage. Brian, 27, from Miami, is one such lucky guy. "Sometimes my girlfriend will massage...