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Submitted by on October 7, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Sorry guys bz msyado sa work.. Nd q na mdugtungan un cheating rose at un new story ko Hindi ko pa Dn mgwa..


I. A dark sky in the morning
Is like a shadow of darkness in my mind
No body can tell
Nobody can see
In my dreams full of hate
There is still you in the end
But no one can hear me shouting
No one can see me crying
As this cloud turns to gray
I know someone will fall again
Just like the rain
You can never stop the vain
As I look at the place
Its flooding my brain
Of nonsense theory of my pain
Know how or somehow
We will recognize the face
Of our love who's in jail
As I stop this words of mine
Is like stopping air to come out
In my life full of sadness
I know you will come
And take the rest...