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When Love is Not an Answer

Submitted by on June 26, 2015 (2 years ago)
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When Love is Not an Answer(Wanna feel the pleasure while reading? Relax your mind. Take your time, read it slowly. Do not skip lines, understand the plot. Use your imagination. Get your senses involved. Try to feel what those characters felt, to see what they saw.)

I'd like to believe that LOVE really exist.

I'd like to believe that TRUE love belongs to those who are honest to their feelings.

I'd like to believe that FOREVER awaits to those who intends to keep their promises of love.

I'd like to believe that love is ENOUGH to erase the pain burdened in the depth of thy heart.

One great thing about love is when you always forget the world whenever you remember that one person, for no reason, makes you smile. A sweet smile as fresh as the morning dew, lots of meaning, lots of thougths and emotion, lots of unexplainable feelings. Plain and natural.

Everything is wonderful when you fall in love. Every imperfection seems perfect when you stay in love. It brightens the darkest side of life and even those worse scenarios can be seen as the best seasons of your days. Captured within your moments of memories, reminincing reveries.

But sometimes...Ohw that sometimes...
Sometimes love can be the most dangerous thing in this world than you could imagine... And when I say dangerous, It means literally hazardous...

Naranasan mo na bang magmahal ng TOTOO?

Dahil kung oo siguradong naranasan mo na ri...

Ang Mga Lalaki Sa Buhay Ni Alicia - Paul

Submitted by on June 3, 2015 (2 years ago)
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* Alicia do not exist as with all  other  characters in the story. They're just a product of my "pressured" imagination. First of a series, first erotic story written. Pasensya na po, in time I'll learn to write in Tagalog nang walang mintis. Salamat sa mga nag encouraged for me to write.  And salamat sa nag invite :)


“ Open your eyes, Margarette, look at me, look at me with those beautiful, big, dark eyes “
malambing na bulong ni Paul sa tenga ni Alicia habang dinidila-an nya ito, sabay nang masuyo subalit madiin na pagkadyot sa itaas ng hubad niyang katawan.

isang impit at mahabang ungol ang kusang kumawala sa mga tikom niyang mga labi nang biglang hinugot ni Paul ang tigas na tigas nitong ari and thrust it back all the way in. In and out. In and out. In and out.

“Baby please….look at me” Pag susumamo ni Paul sa dalaga habang masuyo nitong hinalikan ang mga tikom na bibig ni Alicia.

Unti-unti idinilat ni Alicia ang kanyang mga mata, and saw gentleness and tenderness from his handsome face. Gone were the look of raw lust, gone were the brute force he used to undress her and sa paghalik at mga brutal na mga haplos na alam niyang mag iiwan ng mga marka sa maputi niyang balat. Unti-unting nawala ang takot ng dalaga…

“Let go, babe…. Feel the fire…. Don’t fight it…. ” wika ni Paul as he felt her relaxed… he traced her lips gently with t...


Submitted by on September 1, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Your tears are pains in the heart
To see you dwell in a shallow dark
It cripples the desires to see the light
To struggle is to survive, for us to see the brighter side

Through the dark of days, the light of night
I wish to share you a better Life
Life its seems a bitter place, But we do lived
Through as it never ends

Hearthaches, broken promises, shattered dreams
Are intend for a greater Life to seek
We who defy's the Pain, will truly see better days
For HOPE is what He gives, for us to do the Test...

( Listening to Metallica's " Unbleeding ME " while writing. PEACE and LOVE )