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Blowjobs, BJ's, Head, Sucky-sucky, Chupa

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Blowjobs, BJ's, Head, Sucky-sucky, ChupaNot everyone knows how to give a blowjob (be it a girl, gay, or bi - is that even accurate?), but what separates the pro from the amateur is the bewildering reaction of the recipient. So, to cut it short. Here are SOME of my classification of BJ's - as to what I have encountered:

  1. Slow and sensual
    • Giver: Slow licks from the top to the base, quiet sucking noises to and from the base and the top. Short sensual licks around the cock head.
    • Reciever: Meh. Not my thing, actually. This form can make you hard, but it wont get you to cum - at least for me. Iba pa din talaga yung hala bira sa pag sipsip. :D But if this could make you cum, then kudos to you and your partner. Sobra siguro nakakalibog ang nangyari kaya kahit slow and steady makakapag-pop ka pa din.
  2. Sloppy and loud
    • Giver: Saliva is meant not only for lubrication, it is also for playing around. The advantage of having a good amount of liquid is the sound that it gives when you suck. Also, it helps alleviate the sensation of a scraping teeth whenever it becomes uncomfortable. Madulas, sobrang dulas kaya kahit anong sabit ng ngipin eh hindi ka masyado masasaktan - at syempre sobrang nakakalibog kaya ang tunog pagka yung sipsip ng sipsip yung partner mo.
    • Reciever: This is one of my favorites, you can never go wrong with the sloppy blowjob. Sobrang sarap sa kahabaan ng ari mo. Remember that with great saliva comes great lubrica