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Our dirty ideas

Submitted by on February 11, 2014 (4 years ago)
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I'm just going to describe our wishes here and you can take them as you wish.
We are a couple very much in love, but I have ED and can't fuck good anymore. My wife and I talked all this through and continue to find ways to have fun for us both. I love to see her getting a hard cock pumped into her. I like her wearing short shorts, mini skirts, thongs etc, to show off to men who look. I like guys staring up her skirt as she does also. she likes a bulge in a guys pants as he looks at her crutch. She will move and do things so that they can get a good look! I love it!!! Not a day goes by that I don't dream of more cock for her and her doing dirty things to a guy. She likes it up her ass too. My greates thing is to see a guys cum start running out of her cunt and slide my cock in her and fuck as long as I can, then pull out and eat her dirty used cunt, licking all the sex juices up, cleaning her ass crack etc. I love the smell of her used fuck holes and tasting the cum shot in her. I believe a thick hairy cunt is the sexiest thing going. A shaved one just doesn't do it for me. Another thing is bare back sex. We only have her fucked without condoms. so she can have all the cum pumped in her. The more mess left the better. The guy can wipe his dick up and down her crack and all through her cunt hair, just to make her smell well used, Love it!!! Her dirty panties are another thing for me. I hold the smelly crutch against my nose as I jerk off dreaming of a strange cock fucking...