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Different Kinds of "Libog"?

Submitted by on September 7, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Different Kinds of "Libog"?Hello everyone! Like most of you, I'm a healthy (and horny) male. I watch porn on almost a daily basis, and jacks-off almost everyday. But let's not talk about me, I wanna talk about someone or something else. 
I've met someone online (FB), she introduced herself to me as a girl. Let's call her RICA for now. Well, Rica is not like your typical chat friend, she likes to engage in lewd talk. And I meant 100% of the time I spent with her(?) was naughty chat. And this is not your average hot chat sessions either. She is very dirty minded and likes to toy with your inner demons and fetishes. You like gangbang? She likes them too. You like public sex? She likes them too. 

I dunno if she's just using my fetishes as a means of making me horny by saying she likes them too, but damn, she's good. Anyways, I know that she may not be what she says she is, (meaning she could be some guy getting his load off by flirting with other guys) but what the heck, this is the internet, at least let me have my delusions, dammit!

Anyways back on track, recently she has this fetish of letting me use her FB account so that "I may read" her PM other guys on FB. And damn, was that hot. She's been flirting and engaging in lewd talk with loads of other guys. And I have read among them about something about NTR (Never to Return).

I was intrigued by this so I did a search about the topic. NTR or Never to Return or Netorare (Japanese) refers to something normal then twis...