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Note From The Author:  This is an old writing of mine that got posted in Definitely Filipino. Just sharing it on here.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that guys who play the guitar are actually Greek Gods.

Okay… Okay… So I made that line up. But don’t you girls agree with me here?

So what is it with a guy and a guitar and the combination of both that makes him attractive and hard to resist?

Just imagine he is like a puppet master and his guitar strings are tied to your every being. Every pluck he creates with the strings reverberates a tug to your core—a pulling sensation of sorts making your heart want to just feel. And this effect is all because of his guitar prowess.

But what if he can sing too? And he knows the right songs to sing that would make a girl’s heart melt at his feet figuratively speaking of course.

And if he happens to be a songwriter? Well girl, you are in luck! He can write a song about you. If that won’t make you weak in the knees, have your breath caught up in a choke, bring tears of joy to your eyes, and make you fall in love, then I don’t know else what will. Wouldn’t you want to be his inspiration? Be his muse? Be the reason for his music?

Now isn’t that one deadly combination?

There will always be a reason to fall in love with a guitar guy every single day, and all he needed to do is to sit in front of you, have a guitar in hand, a...