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Does Being Cuckolded Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Submitted by on October 21, 2016 (1 year ago)
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can a husband keep the love for a cheating wife?

can he still live with her without physical contact?

can forgiveness have terms and still be called forgiveness?

does this love still falls on your personal perception of love?

does being cuckolded cause erectile dysfunction?

pondering about this case gave me more questions than answers...

anyway, i've written a fictional and whimsical poem for this...

pls excuse me for placing this item on a blog.
i do not have the luxury of time to wait for 5 hours
to post a poem.

wala nang hilot

ang pagsusumamo niya ay wag kong ipagkait,
na maranasan pa rin niya ang inaasam na langit,
sa aking pagwari at pagkaawa ay maaari datapwat,
maaari kang masugat kung iinom sa basong may lamat.

sa kapalaran kung sawi, araw-araw ay may pait,
bukas man ang pinto damdamin ay nakapiit,
makakita man ng bago ako'y manliliit,
dahil ang matandang ibon ay ayaw nang magalit.

hanggang ngayo'y hindi ko maisip bakit ako'y napaikot,
ng aking sinisintang dati nama'y pakipot,
at bakit lumuwang ang lagusang dati nama'y makipot,
at paano niya nalamang ang aking kaibigan ay may tagong supot?

kaya pala minsan sila'y nakita kong magkasabay sa kanto't
talo pa ang mga magkasintahan kung mga makapulupot,
ang sagradong butil pala na aking kinakain at s...

a sweeter way

Submitted by on January 29, 2015 (2 years ago)
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a sweeter way

a soft caress in my head melted my heart,
a set of fingernails trailing my back is a profound art,
my chest's been pounding in joyous tears,
i'm in your room, while you're in underwears.

oh, what a rattling nerve and dizzying anxiety,
whilst you let me sniff the gusset of your panty,
drooling and ogling , i did not hear what you said,
when you spread your legs, and your back is on your bed.

your hand started kneading something in your underwear,
as i lay watch tongue-hanging in a temperature sear,
a smell of wet pussy carefully cling in the air,
then you howled in ohhs, convulsed in ahhs, ended in shiver.

now you rest in a still, savoring what have been so dear,
when i got up, there's a soaking wet underwear,
i tried to sniff and lick, but you shoo me away,
i think if i'm human, i could help you find a sweeter way.

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