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Journey (from the lacrimal gland to the ground)

Submitted by on December 12, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Journey (from the lacrimal gland to the ground)
Salinity starts to fill my eyes,
As you try to say your goodbyes;
And how quickly it fills up,
When you said you're giving up.
I close my eyes one last time,
Did i committed a crime?
Raging thoughts made me frown;
'Cause im starting to drown.
My eyes began to swell,
You could tell i'm not doin well;
And bitter tears roll out,
On my face in a pout.
As the tears roll down my cheek,
It shows that i am weak;
May it be a catalyst,
And erase mem'ries on my list.
As they pass by my lip,
Oh you're such a pip!
'Cause you made them quiver,
And it'll never stop to shiver.
Down to my chin,
I'll count this as your sin;
No use wiping it now,
Its something you'd allow.
And as the tear let go,
I hope they'd be a bit slow
On falling to the ground,
To cherish what I have found.

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A Heart's Ode

Submitted by on September 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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A Heart's OdeAnd I am bidding you goodbye,
One last teardrop rollin down,
One last embrace for the times gone by,
And 'thou this heart maybe broken,
One day I know, it would still be mending....

Love, Shall Hello be Always A Prelude To Goodbye?

Submitted by on September 13, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Witnessed by the fading light on the distant horizon
My silhouette in soliloquy
Anguishing over a shattered paradise
And bitterly savoring the deafening silence of solitude.

Before I met you, I translated maturity to age
I equated responsibility to intelligence
I identified gentleness with professional ethics
I substituted emotion with mere logic.

I was blind to the magic of love
I was cynical to the statement “I Love You”
I was deaf to the melody of eternal promises
I was innocent to what they call a sweet and gentle caress.

Then you came
Before the summer dusk
I can see the reflections of my precious golden past
Where I fondly shared moments with you.

We met
You smiled
We talked and then shared.

gradually, changes ruled
Your presence, your enigmatic smile, your brilliant ideas
Your talking and tantalizing eyes
Showed me grandeur in things I considered nondescript.

With you, everything seemed to be magic
You ushered me to the threshold
Of infinite appreciation and realization
On the difference between the free flowing thoughts compared to the surge of human passion.

Suddenly you bid goodbye
Amid the haze of bitter tears
I saw you go, that very moment
Of such a sad and lonesome time of the parting day

Now within me are pure fond memories
Of tha...

Happy Anniversary!

Submitted by on July 7, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Nung una akala ko hindi ako magtatagal sa FSS, I would like to thank all of the active members, co-writer, commentator, chatter, readers, lurkers, at sa lahat ng sumuporta at walang sawang tumangkilik sa aking mga corny at OA na post! Hehe tunay kayong mga kaibigan! Maraming salamat po at dahil sa inyo umabot na ako ng isang taon ngayon! Hehehe

Special thanks to:

Mr. M, BBKFSS, Padr3, MidLifeCrisis, Pilyangpasaway, Inang.grasya, The_Pirate_Marquise, Mikaela, Somebodyuused2know, daffodil, Altds, Teray, beb_25, Red, Ni-ka, pink_kitty, Sexyblossom, Miz Ria, Antoniette, Jazmine, Heater, Phil_gabriel, lonely_hubby, riddlemind, graccubus, Ms. B, lourdez_42, emilia_jane, malen, missjessy, bella38, Blahblah, Christine, iamcarla, sweet.ak47, lab011, drew, nikeair, Starst, Pitytoy, lexiedoodles, innocents, curiousfemale, Jhurtz, darkside, Eve, icephantom, Incestboy, Jason_the_Jackal, dropdeaddiva, ladiesconfession, femmeoir, Lolo.tasyo, Mr.sorbetero, rythmfreak, Artistbyte, Chubbygirl, Shadowfox, cutemole, Zues13, Webmaster, Pilyongpecto, boy_bastos, boy_tigre, Badgirl-jenny, Plsmakemecumsir, coldrige, leonard, rubberboy, madara, sarapngpuksmo, prettylady, kapitulo, blacksheep, janwana, nic.trisha, rmn07, willsmith, kinantotkosivincentsapwet, colynz, emobile, fuckjoy, kassychu, scrazi, masarapm, lowlife, sad_lady, ladysay, mang_dencio, swaying, raystorm, bigburatko, ash21, hidden, sisterchastity, agentkulas, kayzel, atot_patot, jovelorosco, cdoguy, amadobasilio, f...

First time ko to :)

Submitted by on June 5, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I just wanna express my deepest thanks to this site and its members especially dun sa mga nakakasalamuha ko sa LOBBY. Very grateful ako to the point that it saddens me big time that I will leave prettily soon. School can be so demanding and this "other side" of me might not be appropriate as I go on. Please don't judge me, tao lang po ako at isa lang ako sa mga milyong tao may "skeleton in the closet".

Anyway, perhaps one of the best memories na babaunin ko from this site is ung walang kamatayang "batian period" at "hotseat sessions" :) Masarap sa pakiramdam na kahit di magkakakilala, eh parang magkabitbahay magchikahan at magkakapatid kung magkamustahan. Truly, these people came from across the world can be BFFs whom you can be confidant and a partner in crime. Sis Chubby, alam ko right from the very start tayo ang "meant to be". haha..Its such a pleasure sharing "popcorns" and "3D shades" with you. Siguro, if the odds will be in our favor, we can do such for real (first sahod, maybe?LOL ). To sir Mags na gwardya sibil ng FSS na consistent sa attendance checking sa bawat chatter, thanks for being a "warm coffee" everytime na papasok ako. Hirap kaya sumingit sa mga tanderz, I mean, regular chatters.haha. Gusto ko din magapologize sa pambubuska ko kai sir LeonA. Nakikiayon lang kase sa flow ng messages at di ko namalayan na naging sobra na kaya sorry po talaga. Sa lahat ng tao dito, from the unknown ADMINS down to the readers and chatters, di ko na isa-isahin baka...