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Submitted by on November 18, 2015 (2 years ago)
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It's funny how a lot of people brand me as a no-brainer when I tell them I play games. 

They automatically assume I'm a guy who likes killing and shooting virtual people. 

If these people just knew what kind of games I play, maybe they'll change their views on games in general.


Because the games I play ain't the usual type where I go around shooting everyone.

The games I play require more mindpower than reflex. 

The games I play don't focus on violence. 

They focus on diplomacy. Trade. Long term strategem and goals. 

The games I play sharpen my mind. Sharpen my thoughts.

They allow forward thinking and awareness of consequences. 

I am more than just a gamer, sirs. 

I am a political figure, a fleet commander, a pontifex maximus.

In the games I play, I'm not the soldier. 

I am the God....