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FSS How To Basics for Newbies and Old-Timers Alike

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How To Upload Picture for Profile and Chatroom

1. Go to Home Page
2. Click My Account located on the upper right part of the page.
3. Click My Profile on the upper left of the Account page.
4. In My Profile page click Choose File button
5. A window will open, locate and select the preferred picture on your computer and click
Open button.
6. Click Save Changes button at the bottom of the My Profile page.


How to Join FSS Chatroom

1. Click link as shown above
2. Read the Rules
3. And click Open "Members Lobby" Chat Room button


How to Post Images in the Chatroom Lobby and in Private (Whisper)

1. Open any imagehosting site (in this case I use postimg.org because it's easy and simple to
use). So open postimg.org sa isang tab or browser.
2. Click Upload and locate the image sa computer and click Open button