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Bare All ... Or Maybe Not.... My Five Months of Being an FSS Member

Submitted by on February 7, 2014 (4 years ago)
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"Thank you for the broken heart...." ......goes the lyrics of a certain song.

Yes, five months ago today, MLC was born sa mundo ng FSS. Thanks to someone who broke my heart and made me cry hard all those countless days and nights not so long ago.

I can still remember those nights na bigla nalang akong bumangon para mag-open ng FB to check if he had replied to my messages, only to be disappointed. And before I knew it nag-bblur na naman ang paningin ko dahil sa mga luhang pumapatak galing sa aking pagod ng mga mata.

Those weekends na pinipilit kong iwasan ang lahat na mgaΒ "lugar" na dati "naming pinupuntahan".

And it was one of those weekends nung may nang-invite sa akin to join FSS. I was so desperate to find ways to divert myself from that nagging pain that was pushing me to the edge of my sanity kaya without any second thought, I clicked that link.

And so here I am, for five months, baring my soul to the people I haven't really met in person.

Before I joined FSS I was not really into reading Tagalog erotic stories. Paminsan-minsan lang kapag gusto kong magpainit and it was thru an erotic FB page "Masarap kung kainin, heaven ang mararating".

Yeah, you got me! Dyan ako napapasuko and hell ye...