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His Love... On My 10th

Submitted by on July 7, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Since I know I could not finish the story that was supposed to be my 10th monthsary "entry" I decided to write this confession instead while someone was singing me a lullaby, thinking I was slowly drifting off to dreamland. Little did he know I was writing this piece in my notepad.

So here goes my not-so-erotic confession.

I know I've said but a few words about my relationship with him. Maybe because for the past weeks I didn't know where we were headed until after we met a few days before I flew back to where I am right now.

But let's not get to that part... Not yet...

How did I meet him?

It's been 66 days exactly today since I first "saw" him when he posted his first story, his own painful past. A not-so-distant heartbreak. And the hopeless romantic in me was touched by the poignancy of his memories. I couldn't help not to leave a comment. After all it was not just my eyes that became wet, I was also wet down there. Their sex scene inside the movie house was just too hot for my carnal senses to ignore.

Three weeks or so after that first encounter, I saw him active in the chatroom. The naughty side of me kicked in, I subjected him to the traditional chatroom hot-seat coupled with some "teasing" which I hadn't done in a long while.

And that was how we became "friends".

Three days after our chatroom encounter, he sent...