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Is It Just Me?

Submitted by on October 19, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Is  It Just Me?

I continue to receive PMs for one reason or another. I  always  see to it that not one PM is left unanswered although sometimes, not as promptly as I wanted it to be. .  I know the feeling of being ignored..or neglected...BUT,   most of the time,  my reply could not be sent mainly due to the  SETTING of  the sender’s account.  

It  is irritating   to have made time and effort  replying  to PMS  that could not be sent.

So  guys,  please see  to  it that your setting allows you to receive PMs.  Unless , you are a bully who is brave  enough to send  unsavory PMs but  too coward to read replies.

To the commenters,   who are mainly  readers.

The posted..stories, blogs, confessions, or even poems,  are the pride and joy of the authors. We invested time and, effort racking our brains just  to come up with what we would like to believe as our “Obra” .  To some, it is too personal to them and as such,  take it as a personal affront  when  unjustly bashed by  foul and downright offensive comment/s.

We welcome  comments, in fact ,  most of us writers consider your comments as the only reward  for our  pro-bono works.  We really appreciate  CONSIDERATE  and THOUGHTFUL  airing  of  views.

But make  no mistake, we are open to criticism, constructive or otherwise,  profound or inane,   as long as they are well-meaning  and contributory  to t...

Perfume and You

Submitted by on May 12, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Perfume and YouA wickd.witz nonsense © ™ ®
May 13, 2016 | All Rights Reversed !

Good day everyone ! It's Friday the 13th but I won't have any of that. The other day I noticed emptied bottles of perfumes sa drawers ko, some sa cabinets.. yung iba kalat kalat kung saang bahagi ng kwarto. I thought of an idea na instead na itapon ko (kasi wala naman silbi), I'd rather start a hobby or collection. Pang distract stress or mindless thoughts. 

I asked chatters sa lobby (boring naman kasi walang topic at that time) sa preferred or gamit nilang pabango.

They responded naman and all who answered were jubilant and ecstatic sa topic.
 And here's what I gathered from their preferences or gamit nilang pabango and recommendations nila for men.

Ladynhesa - Chloe, Omnia Bulgari, Hermes Jardin
coolestblue - Benetton Cold, Polo Blue
arkie - Gap Dream Love, Clinique Happy for Men
dee27 - Oxygen Lure
azucera.depapa - Issey Miyake (Light Blue) .. (probably Expedition)
Callisto - Acquia de Gio Armani
oliverjohnholmes - Hugo Boss, Polo Black, Lacoste L.12.12
shobe.sheen - Lanvin Eclat
gorgo1 - Guess Neo
owlzen - Acquia de Gio Armani
Anaxarette - Bombshell Victoria's Secret

Ano gamit nyo guys ? Kindly indicate if pwede sya sa lalake lang or pambabae lang or pwede sa lalake at babae.

Thank you!...


Submitted by on February 14, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I am alone in my big quiet room
Thinking what if you are here
And not so far away
Out of reach and out of touch.

Will we watch a documentary
While doing footsie under a blanket?
Will we play truth or dare
With a bottle of gin or rum?

Will we go camping?
Will we end up hugging?
Or will we end up wacking
Each others' head and call names?

Feb 14, 2016 © wickd.witz This nonsense may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author. Pakulam kita...

Something From The Heart

Submitted by on January 23, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Something From The Heart
( A poem written for and inspired by a love that's lost)


It's hard for you to be with me.
If you'd agree, just let it be.
We'll follow each, our destiny.
The world is young, as you can see.

If you and I were meant to be,
The vastness of the land and sea,
The distance or melancholy,
Is not a hindrance, you'll soon see.

It's hard for me, I understand;
And hope is like a grain of sand.
When life is cruel and all seems hell,
I'd think of you and all is well.

So give me something from the heart.
A simple thing you can impart…
An ancient coin, an aged stamp,
Or book-dried rose once red and plump.

The pain inside may feel so huge,
And tears may be my last refuge.
What is done, can't be undone.
A loved one lost..  the one he won.

Although I urged you to be glad,
It seems absurd, but I'd be sad.
The loneliness within my heart,
Would manifest when we're apart.

So give me something from the heart.
A simple thing you can impart…
A lovely poem to tease those tears;
In the sunset of my lonesome years.

For even though this heart's been taken,
And doomed me half a dozen children;
A love that may, in time forgotten,
Would still live through and never ashen..

So give me s...


Submitted by on January 19, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I often see her in open chat.
A gal who's wickedly witty;
Her banters, sensibly funny.
I feel better when she's there;
I feel lacking when she's hidden.
I wanna know her, I will know her.
And let her know me, as I am.

I smiled when she noticed me.
One step closer, she will greet me.
Finally she talks to me, really talked to me.
And I am glad beyond belief;
For she is what I thought she was.
And more, I hope...

A/N : You know who you are. Happy Valentines Day to you !

Jan 19, 2016 © wickd.witz This nonsense may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author. Pakulam kita...

Mikasa Ackerman - The Titan Slayer

Submitted by on December 19, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Mikasa Ackerman - The Titan Slayer
Explain to me the reasons why
This heart is filled with none but sigh
And why persist dark lullabies
In thoughts...and stained my angel eyes ?!

Revenge entwined my fingertips
And curses tempt my poisoned lips..
My ravaged soul in yearning moan..
Unleash the wrath and blood be drawn.

These wings, this strength, this sword I fear.
Would wanton strike with utmost might!
This lust, this thirst, this haste I swear...
Would ravage all that is in sight!

Explain to me the reasons why
This heart is filled with none but sigh
And why persist dark lullabies
In thoughts...and stained my angel eyes ?!


Mikasa Ackerman - The Titan Slayer (Nonsense composed 1997 but revisions are still being done over the years. This poem was chosen as an entry in the Literary section of MU Philippines (MMORPG) website way back 2007 and titled "PK Status". After a few years I renamed the title to "The Prime Evils", "Attack on Titan", and I will now forever title it "Mikasa Ackerman-The Titan Slayer". I'm her greatest fan. )

*Mikasa Ackerman is the main female protagonist of the series "Attack on Titan"

© wickd.witz This nonsense may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author. Pakulam kita...

What Is Beautiful

Submitted by on July 2, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Beautiful is the heart that keeps on seeking Love even when it has been broken; that heals itself with happy memories instead of fill itself with bitterness. Beautiful is the heart that tirelessly seeks love, until it finds a love that is given freely, completely, with no fear of tomorrow. A love that can comfort you even when there's a vast space between the two of you. A love that soothes, that heals, that makes your heart swell with pride and happiness knowing that it is yours to keep
Beautiful is when I met you on here, Babe. 


Thank you for being man enough to put your fears and apprehensions to the side and let love flow... Thank you for finding that precious time to be with me despite of your deadlines ;  for spending "Few more minutes" with me even when that means being late and/or drive like mad.

Thank you for turning my  ordinary days into something special , fun, and unpredictable  with your moods, your crazy schedules, and being the bigger "diva" than I.  

But, above all.... for filling my days and nights with love and lust and your paglalambing that endears you to me,  morevthan the days that  past.

Thank you for being the TRUTH amongst the LIES.

This could be fleeting,  or this could last until we mellow with age, but... really,  who cares? 

Friend Of Mine

Submitted by on November 21, 2014 (3 years ago)
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actually this is my first blog...
but i just wanted to do it for a friend.

hnd ko alam kung paano ako napadpad dito sa FSS all i
know is nagsesearch lang ako sa google ng kung ano ano
na pumasok sa isip ko...until napansin ko na parang
gusto ko tgnan kung anong meron dito sa site nato...

actually nung una,parang nahihiya ako kc,naicp ko lang
ano kaya gnagawa ng isang babaeng gaya ko sa site na
ganito? ano kaya iicpin ng iba pag nakita nila ako dito?

mga ganung klase ng tanong ang naicp ko nung una...pero
tinry ko parin na pumasok sa site and nagbasa ng konti...

nakita ko na meron palang chatbox ung site and nagtry
ako pumasok,nung una para akong natatanga kc nga bago
lang ako...(actually till now natatanga parin ako,,lol)

akala ko nung una puro bastusan at kung ano ano lang
ang meron sa mga chatters dito dahil nga adult site to.
pero nung medyo nagtambay at nagtagal nako dito,may mga
taong nakilala ako na hnd naman pala ganon...they are
really nice and friendly...

marami akong mga nakausap na naging malapit nadin sakin...
and isa itong tao nato na sobrang nalungkot ako
kc bago lang kami nagkakilala pero napalapit na tlga sya
sakin,.sya yung palagi ko kausap at kakulitan...

hnd nya cnabi sakin na a...

My 15 must-see FSS babes

Submitted by on August 16, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Almost 6 months na pala akong member ng FSS. At sa period na yun, arami akong nakilalang mga bagong mga kaibigan na ka-share ko sa aspetong kalibugan at kalokohan.

Pero kumbaga sa panonood ng TV, hindi puwedeng wala kang mapansin na mga tauhan sa kuwento na hindi mo makalimutan at nagkaroon ng tatak sa ulo. Yun bang kulang nalang ay mag-set kayo ng date para mas lalo silang makilala. 

Kaya, bunga ng excitement at pagkabagot, heto ang 15 sa mga girl-members ng FSS na nais kong makita ng personal if I have the time. Nailagay ko sila sa listahan based from our recent conversations here in FSS chat or sa FB at kung anong impression ko sa kanila. Also, sinama ko na rin sa criteria ko yung effects ng mga sinulat nila sa akin. 

This list is in no particular order (parang sa beauty contest lang! :). Heto na sila: 

- for the record, this chinita MILF ay yung kauna-unang FSS member na nai-add ko sa FB. Nabasa ko yung mga stories and blogs niya. She's a single mom, yet she's a very strong person.  Other than that, there's something mysterious pa about her. If I have the time, I would love to have a chat with her.

During the staging of the FIFA World Cup just last June, siya ang madalas kong ka-chat, kahit puyatan blues. One reason is because we cheer for the same team: Germany (which just won its 4th title), another is because she is a die-hard...


Submitted by on April 30, 2014 (4 years ago)
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BAKIT KAYA. . . .REPLY NI DARL. . . . How can I miss you this much???

   Darl: Same question I asked for the past 4 days. Only acceptable answer is --- I just do. 

Loving you really made me the happiest but being so far away from you somehow makes me sad.

     Darl: So true! I even thought of training myself not to miss you so much. Resolving to be offline so I will not be tempted to send you offline messages. I know you are busy and you have to concentrate in what you have to do. And I will never get in the way of what you are doing. But the selfish part of me won a little, it agreed with the rational side not to send you so many kulit messages, but it fought hard for me to stay online, just so if there is chance that you will send me a message so I can reply right away.

       Do you know that the mere sight of the blinking envelope in FSS warmed my heart? Because I knew you sent me a letter again and it never failed to surprise me with what you had to say.

     Or do you know that your FSS blogs/confessions made me want to hide under the bed? Because of so much kilig, I can't barely control myself from shouting your name.

     Or do you know when YM window suddenly popped, and I saw your name, it automatic...

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