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Friends In The Real World

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Konting browse and I came across this article. Since FSS ay parang FB or Twitter ay naisipan kong i-summarize. Some parts are mine.

1. Virtual Friends Ay Di-Pwedeng i-Substitute To Real Ones

Social networking sites ang easiest way to keep in touch with those countless people lalo na kapag busy tayo. However, the ‘emotional touch’ kailanman ay di pwedeng i-replace ng internet chats, comments and posts.

2. No Face-To-Face Talks On Facebook, Twitter

Posible rin na marami ang komportable na makipagkaibigan to avoid face-to-face (FTF) contact with others.

Ang mga ito ay WORRIED about negative conclusions being drawn about them sa FTF meeting, kung saan they will not be able to hide their drawbacks (hitsura, katawan, awkward mannerisms, speech deficits, language difficulty, etc.

3. Face-To-Face Interactions Ay Mas Satisfying

According to the study, people are happier and laugh 50% more when talking face-to-face with friends or via webcam than when using social networking sites.

Mas maganda kasi na nakikita mo ang kausap mo para alam mo kung ano ang reaksyon nya sa bawat salita na bibitawan mo, joke man yun o serious matter.

4. Talking On Phone/Texting vs. Sharing A Smile

Para madevelop ang real friendship we need to see that the other person is trustworthy. We need to be absolutely sure that a person...