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Fantasy Unfulfilled

Submitted by on December 10, 2016 (2 months ago)
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I just wanted to share my fantasy yet unfulfilled until now. Ever since, libog na libog ako sa mga chick na biglaan ko lang nakilala,  

for example ( ang scenario, inuman kasama mga tropa at girlfriends nila)Yung tipong maakit ko yung isa then fuck kahit di kame magkakilala talaga.

Just last week, I had a chat with a total stranger sa IG, sa sobrang bilis ng phasing ng chats namin we even came to point na we exchanged pics hanggang sa umabot ng SOP. Umabot pa sa point na Sex on Videochat.

  Ayun, we had an agreement to see each other and get fucked up in Alabang after my shift.

I was about 30 minutes late sa time agreed, I waited for her about for 3 hours. She didn't even leave any messages. :( Akala ko may mga totoong ganitong setup, kwento lang pala sa pagong.

Anyways, it's just a fantasy, who knows when it maybe fulfilled?
Ikaw anung fantasy unfulfilled mo? Haha.

PS. I Really wanted to fuck my hot architect cousin. Sana nagbabasa din siya dito sa FSS. ...

Kape O Kantot?

Submitted by on September 13, 2016 (5 months ago)
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Kape O Kantot?"Yung totoo Motyo, hindi ka lang drawing. Painting ka. Isang malaking painting."

"Painting talaga?"

"Sige, hindi na painting. Pa-hopia ka na lang. Isang giant hopia."

"Grabe siya oi. Don't me nga teh. Sure na nga sa Saturday eh. Masyado kang highblood. Kalma lang teh. Wag kasi kain nang kain ng taba."

"Tukmol. Kalma mo mukha mo. Wag mo nga ako binabakla Timoteyo. Pag itong lakad na ito na sinet up mo eh sa kangkungan na naman ang tuloy, wag ka na magparamdam sa akin ha."

"Hahahahaha. Grabe ka teh!"

"Ewan ko sayo!"

And so, their fourth meeting in five years of virtual "relationship" has been set up.

Yes. Virtual. Sa online nagsimula ang lahat sa kanila. By the term "lahat," it means kung ano man ang description ng relasyon nila. At oo, sa tagal na nang itinakbo ng kanilang pagkikilala, ganun kadalang ang kanilang naging pagkikita.

Siya si Sam. Siya si Motyo.

Pareho ng wavelenght. Madalas, parehong likas na baliw  kung gumana ang utak. Kaya siguro kahit drama ang una nilang meet up, at  taon bago sila magkita, hindi naging hadlang yun para tumibay ang pagkakaibigan nila.

Para kay Sam, bago pa sumikat ang pelikulang Friends with Benefits, she has already found her own Justine Timberlake in Motyo.

Ah, hindi siya sing-hot ni JT. Pero sa hindi maipaliwanag na dahilan, she finds him as sexy as JT. Kahit pa-bakla pa nga magsalita minsan.  Funny,...

Closet Stories: Bee (Pain's Pleasure)

Submitted by on May 3, 2016 (9 months ago)
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Dahil nakagawian na naming magsex kapag wala ang mag-asawa, at blackout na naman noong oras na iyon, ay balak kong sorpresahin si Raim kaya pasimple akong pumasok sa bahay nila at nagtago sa ilalim ng isa pang sofa na yari sa kawayan at pinatungan ng mga throw pillow at bedsheet dahil doon natutulog si Raim

May ilaw sa kwarto ng mag-asawa kaya inakala kong pinapatulog lang ni Raim ang pinsan ko. Laking nerbiyos ko nang makita ko si Uncle ang bumaba ng hagdanan. Hindi ko alam na nagpalit na naman ng shift ang mag-asawa kaya wala akong magawa kundi maghintay ng tyempo na makalabas agad doon.

Mag-aalas otso na nang saka pa lang dumating si Raim. Nang mga oras na iyon ay nakikinig lang ako dahil kapag sumilip ako ay mahuli nila ako.

“Bakit ngayon ka lang nakauwi?”

“May tinapos lang po akong assignment sa library…”

“Talaga? Baka puro pagbo-boyfriend na naman ang inaatupag mo ha…”

“Si uncle naman…”

“Hoy umayos ka ha…dinadagdagan ko ang allowance mo para hindi ka na magbulakbol…halika nga rito…”

Maya maya pa at nagulat ako nang makarinig ako ng ungol sa sala kaya napilitan akong sumilip. Doon ay muntik pa akong mapasigaw nang makita ko si Uncle at si Raim, magkayakap at nagpapalitan ng halik.

“Uncle saglit lang magbibihis ako…”

“Bj mo muna ako…”

Walang anumang hinubad ni Raim ang shorts ni uncle hanggang tuhod at sini...

One Journey at a Time Book III: Fangs of a Lone Wolf, Claws of a Feisty Cougar Act I

Submitted by on March 25, 2016 (10 months ago)
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After many years of self-imposed exile, I decided to return to my roots. The event was really a dramatic fanfare. I listened to almost four hours of litany coming from the Empress Dowager only interrupted and ended abruptly by the arrival of my younger sister and her companion. Through selective listening and acute hearing sense, I managed to piece together important details. My good sis has been supporting my parents ever since my vanishing act. They have a new family member in the personification of her companion, Ate Gara.

She turn out to be my sister's best friend, confidante and elder sister figure. To complete the connection, she also is my sister's son's godmother. No wonder, the Empress Dowager (my mother), ever so suspicious of new people, accepted easily this "Ate Gara".

In terms of looks, she has what it takes to be told: good-looking. Though not as blessed in height, everything else is in proportion despite her small bust. Plus the fact that she already has a son. Yes, she is another MILF in our parlance. Her most distinguishing feature and what caught my attention the most is her always red, moist lips. So pouty it is, it felt like she's always begging to be kissed. The closest I can compare her to is the Hollywood actress, Mary Louise Parker. She's Bruce Willis's leading lady and love interest in the comic book (from DC Comics) turned action movie: "Red" and "Red 2".

In my absence, Ate Gara filled in my spot. She helped my sister...

One Journey at a Time Book IV: Loan Sexcurity, Debt Pussyment Act I

Submitted by on March 12, 2016 (11 months ago)
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During my time in one of the most known BPO centers in the Philippines, I was blessed enough to get acquainted with women. In part, due to my position. In part, because of my aptitude on the technical know-how of the account we're assigned to. In part, due to my natural ability to listen. But mostly, because of my oozing charisma.

One of them was Mhaydee. Her real name is Mayda but since we're in the BPO environment, everyone was free to choose whichever name you want yourself to be called. She's one of the few ladies who's fair-skinned (white as Snow White), because personally I get attracted more to the "Morena" type, whom I got to be intimate with. Mhaydee was a petite lady, no higher than 5'1" (I guess) but had the curves in all the right places. Bust is small but considering her height and body frame, still proportionate. Long hair with bangs that framed her heart-shape face. Her pearly white teeth still noticeable despite her braces. Overall, she's gorgeous.

When we're still together in the same center, we're actually accompanied by my main interest; her best friend, Caroline. Probably the reason we got along well was our mutual interests. We all read novels, play DOTA & Tekken and eat a lot. I got to spend more time with Mhaydee though, due to the fact that we're almost neighbors as well. We rented units in the same city and barangay, probably apart by just two or three blocks. If possible (almost same schedules), we went home together.

Cocoi, My Beautiful Stranger (Final)

Submitted by on February 19, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Cocoi, My Beautiful Stranger (Final)Nilapitan siya ni Cocoi, his stare unwavering. Napapitlag siya ng maramdamang hinawakan siya sa magkabilang-balikat. Amoy niya ang cologne na gamit nito, and for some crazy seconds, she was tempted to bury her face on his neck and inhale his scent.

His voice snapped her out of her trance-like state.

"Cucs, hindi ako manhid."


"Yeah. Hindi ako manhid."


Natawa ang binata. Pinisil ang ilong niya. He hates that expression of her whenever she doesn't understand what she heard. But at the same time finds it absolutely cute. Hindi rin niya alam, but for him, everything this woman does is just endearing.

"Ewan ko Cucs how you manage to do that to me."

"Huh? Ang alin? Stop talking in riddles nga Cocoi. Muka kang engot. Pati ako nahahawa."

Binitiwan ng binata ang balikat niya at muling tumawa.

"Hahaha! Lakas mo makapanira ng moment Cucs."

"Ano ba kasing sinasabi mo?"

She silently took a breath when he released her shoulders. Pakiramdam niya napapaso ang buong katawan niya sa init na nagmumula sa mga kamay ng binata.

"As I was saying Cucs, hindi ako manhid. She likes me so I took it from there. Hindi ako katulad mo. Isang lalake lang ang nanloko sayo ginawa mo ng adobe ang puso mo."

"Ikaw lang nag-iisip niyan. Hindi ako manhid. Or pus...

Cocoi, My Beautiful Stranger

Submitted by on February 12, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Cocoi, My Beautiful StrangerShe is your ordinary kind of girl. Not a head turner. Not beauty queen material. Kung iri-rate ang kartada, puedeng pumasa sa siyete, pero nunkang maging diyes o kahit nuwebe. 

She's not petite. Big-boned. On the plus size na halos. Hindi rin flawless. May mga pock marks caused by pimples during her puberty years, hindi rin maputi. But modesty aside, people would always say she's pretty if not beautiful. Tinitingnan naman niya mukha sa salamin, wala siyang makitang special or stand out sa features niya. Pero somehow, nung pinagsama-sama sa oval-shaped face niya ang mata, ilong at labi, thou it may not be striking, it made a pleasant-to-look-at face. 

Two months since their first encounter, Cucai and Cocoi have become inseparable. It wasn't one would expect, him, sporting a six-pack abs, driving an expensive sports car, a face that would make Piolo Pascual run for his money. 

But other than those physical things about Cocoi, she still knows almost nothing about the guy. She doesn't know anything about his family or personal background. Hindi siya nagtatanong. Hindi rin naman nagkukwento ang  lalake.

 She doesn't know too how it happened, but they hit it off after the initial clash. After a coffee treat on that same night, they exchanged numbers. And for two months since then, para na silang matagal na magkaibigan.

She was inside the bathroom, brushing her teeth when she...