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friday night highlight final

Submitted by on October 13, 2013 (4 years ago)
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'' drive safe, sweet. here's my card.call me when you're home.'' 
i took the card not saying anything.

''call me, please?'' he said again. this time i managed to smile. 
he kissed me one last time before he went out the car. he watched me leave.
that was one hell of a night.


back at home

''gusto mo ice?'' shane asked.
my mind was wandering i didn't notice she was there.
'' nakalimutan mo ata lagyan ng yelo yang kape mo. iced coffee ata tinimpla mo eh, malamig na o'' she remarked.
''sorry, di kita natawagan na i won't be home.''
''keri lang, sanay naman ako na di ka nauwi ng weekends, but you usually call.''

fuck. get a grip of yourself. damage done. get over it. it was just sex. yeah right one heck of an experience. and my mind continued to wander in tagaytay.


'' my turn'' i confidently said.

hindi ko alam kung san ko hinugot yung lakas ng loob para sabihin yun sa kanya.
i wasn't drunk, that am sure of. i doubt that he drugged me. i just felt loose.
it felt good. and it felt right.

tutal nagmamagaling na rin naman ako... 
i positioned myself on top. sa isip ko i was thinking , loko brace yourself for a great ride. 
my wetness against his hardness, damn it! he's so fucking ready!
i rocked slowly back and forth. i made sure every move would...

friday night highlight 3

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''you think you're friends would mind if you go missing for a few hours?''

wow. san galing yun?! even i am surprised to hear it from myself! seriously?! a girl initiating?
as soon as i heard myself, i knew i was doomed. if it was just a tweet, i would have deleted it in an instant!
you have no idea how badly i swore superman was real, so he could turn back the earth and i can undo
what i just did. but superman is just a comic book hero. as for me, i am dead. i was secretly cursing myself for being so blunt, hoping he didn't hear it. and if he did, i hope he just turned me down. it would be the
rejection i'd take any day!  

but he devilishly smiled at me. he heard me loud and clear. he bent down the window and gave me a smack.
'' you want me to drive?'' he asked nicely. i just shaked my head so he went to the passenger side and sat.
now what will i do? where will we go. i can't bring him to my place! think think! i just drove but had no destination yet. goodness can i just drop him off somewhere? i was half laughing and half scolding myself.
whatever it was that was in his saliva, must have been so intoxicating!

he was quiet the whole time, that i was thankful. but he probably notice me fidgeting.

'' tagaytay ''

''huh?'' as i looked at him.

'' sabi ko, tagaytay would be a nice place to go to.  i'll actually enjoy a roadtrip with a beautiful lady like you. kung gusto m...

friday night highlight 2

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''hi.mind if i join you?''

it wasn't the most soothing voice, but it did send shivers to my spine. the voice came from my blindside, so i had no clue who the dude was. i gave the bargirl my bill and turned to the stranger.

somehow i wasn't surprised to see that it was him. so just replied hi as a courtesy.
''did you know it's not safe going out alone?''.  ''am not, there are lots of people in here, so i think am safe, plus, this place is relatively secured'' and i smiled. i don't want to make that bitchy impression at him. duh. that was a first, i don't usually care what others would think, much more a stranger.

'' well the place is secured, it may seem safe, but not the people''
'' i guess you are referring to people like you?''

he flashed a smile, offered his hand and said '' Andres ''
his name made me grin. i mean, in this age and time, why would someone still use the name Andres.
He looks young. don't get me wrong, Andres is a fine name. I just think its quite old.

so i reached out my hand, smiled and said my name. offered a seat to him. chatted a little. you know those shallow why are you here, what do you do, where you from etc etc... the conversation was light, so light i forgot i was on my way out. thank goodness my change came and i had to excuse myself.

''do you really need to leave now?''
''unless you give me a reason worthstaying, i won't''
''a kiss, maybe?'' he s...

friday night highlight

Submitted by on October 12, 2013 (4 years ago)
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all it took was a wink-smile combo.

after a long stressful weekend, i just wanted to chill and breath. asked a few friends if they wanna hang out but everybody chose to go home and get their much needed sleep. i was tired myself and can go home but my mind wants to wander first before dozing off to dreamland. i don't normally go out alone, its just not my thing. but for tonight, it'll be an exception.

a coffeeshop would be a safer choice for someone going solo, but coffee will just kill my sleepiness. so i drove myself to the nearest bar. upon arriving at the entrance, i took a deep breath trying to exhale all worries since this will be a first. i seldom go for a drink, much more go for a drink alone. took another step and smiled at the girl. ''hi mam, good evening! how many seats?'' ''just one'' i said. ''do you prefer smoking area?'' '' oh i don't smoke. if there's a corner slot, i'd like to be seated there''. and the girl nicely assisted me to my seat. the place was kinda full, it was a friday night and i guess luck i got in fast. ordered a couple of bottles of tanduay ice and snacks. my eyes roamed the place, hoping to see anyone familiar. my order arrived after a few minutes and i started to enjoy the vibe of the place, shaking off all my stress and just feel the music. my head would occassionaly swing side to side primarily because of the music playing. this ain't bad, going out alone. i guess everyone needs to experience doing things on their own...