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Public fantasy

Submitted by on March 18, 2017 (8 months ago)
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Gustong gusto ko talaga yung mga stories na may public manyakan na involved. Mapa-story man or sa porn.
Someday gusto ko din sya maexperience pero I am not into stranger tapos mamanyakin sa public.

What I want is long bus ride tapos gabi, hawakan saka himasan lang. Finger nya ako then if pwede or kaya, iboblow ko sya.

Hindi ko lang siguro kayang gawin is bus ride tapos may penetration. More on himasan lang talaga. Not just bus but pwede din sa resto, cr, fitting room and sa car while naka park syempre. 

23yrs old na ako pero virgin pa. But, malibog ako. Palagi akong nag lalaro. Sana one day, ang makatuluyan ko is yung kasing libog ko. Hahaha! Yun bang kayang sabayan mga trip and fantasy ko sa sex. Kasi kahit ako, willing ako gawin din lahat when it comes to sex.

Kayo, isa din ba sa fantasy nyo ang public? Share nyo naman sakin if ever may experience na kayo. 😁

Oo nga pala, sobra din akong nahohorny sa incest. Kwentuhan nyo din ako if ever nasubukan nyo na. Hehe....

The First Bite

Submitted by on November 7, 2016 (1 year ago)
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The First BiteI was 18 that time, inosente pero my libog na tinatago sa katawan. virgin na sobrang curious kung ano pakiramdam nung mga napapanuod ko sa scandal/porn. Kahit na may maliit na parte sa isip ko ang nagsasabi na dapat gawin ko yun o ibigay ko lang sa mapapangasawa ko. Antagal naman kasi,, parang hindi na ko makapaghintay.. Paunti na ng paunti yung pagtitimpi ko sa sarili ko..

until i met him. my first boyfriend, my first experience, my first bite to pleasure.

I was in college nung makilala ko si jake, tourism ang kinukuha ko. While jake is already a nurse. He's older than me. 10 years yung gap ng age namin. Jake is tall dark and with sex appeal. average yung features pero sya yung tipo na malakas ang appeal sa girls. I remember yung biceps nya na lagi kong pinanggigigilan. Yun yung weakness ko sa lalaki, aside sa abs. Gusto ko yung malaking braso, yung kaya akong buhatin, ugh! Nakakagigil.

We met because of a common friend, inintroduced sya saken one time na sumama ako sa isang outing. at unang araw palang grabe na syang tumingin. Parang hinuhubaran nya ko. No wonder hiningi nya ang number ko sa friend namin.. Tapos that time nauso nyung group message. Lagi nya imemention yung name ko. Tapos ipipiem nya ako pag hindi ako sumagot. Medyo maangas sya, my pagka-bad boy. Naalala ko nung magkausap kami, He said "im warning you, dont fall for me". Naisip ko, grabe ang hangin naman nito. Sinabi ko na "oo! hindi ako mahuhulog sayo". Pero sabi nga nila, n...

Pahiram ng Sandali (Ang Makamundong Ginagalawan) Ika-Siyam na Kabanata

Submitted by on July 12, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Chapter 9

Ang Chapter po na ito ay napagkasunduan namin ng aking Babe na si Anne ang siyang susulat dahil magiging mas sakto ito sa totoong pangyayari kung maipapakita ang kaniyang emosyon. Mabuti na lamang at may back-up ako ng kaniyang phone bago ito ni-reset kaya narecover ang mga usapan na kailangan niyang ibahagi sa inyo. Habang binabasa nyo po ang kabanatang ito ay mauunawaan nyo po kung bakit ito ang aming naging desisyon matapos ang mahabang pag-uusap.  

Maraming Salamat Po!



I used to get irritated whenever Onin texts me, but dumating rin ang araw na his messages makes me smile na that I was always waiting for him na. Don’t get me wrong pero ito po ang unang pangyayari na nakaramdam ako ng ganito towards another man aside from my ex-boyfriend whom I was exclusively dating with since High School Days. I was satisfied with what we had. Actually since bata pa ako noon, akala ko ganun lang talaga ang sex. Even until ito nga, early 30’s, I was still shy and timid, that I even blush most of the times whenever I have to say the word. I never begged for more. I was always uttering a prayer in my head “Please make him stop na”. 

Until yun na, Onin came and rocked my world. I never knew that sex could be really awesome and I felt sensations that I never felt before.


Submitted by on January 30, 2015 (2 years ago)
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FOREPLAY SEX ORGASMF our scented candles glow
O n each bathtub’s corners
R ed wine bottle almost empty
E vokes warm sensations, bursting bubbles
P etals of fragrant blood-red roses
L ined along the path to the bedroom
A morous lips locked up, tongues twirling
Y earning, still thirsty for more…

S ymphony of soft music fills the dim-lighted room
E arthly desires in synch with every high and low note
X -ray like vision reveals--spirits in cloud nine.

O mnipotence of youth with fervor burning
R hythmic dance of loving souls entwined
G ives way to climactic release of passions
A gain, and again, and again…until morning
S ipping the last drop of nectars to contentment
M emorable moments--seem like heaven sent...

a giant cock-up

Submitted by on July 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Marcie and Marya are identical twins, absolutely indistinguishable physically but they certainly didn’t have the same personality. Since the age of 16 Marcie has, in her sister’s words been a bit of a whore. This made it quite difficult for Marya as men, thinking that she was Marcie would come up to her and say the most appalling things. That’s why Marya moved to another city but of course she had to come home to see her parents occasionally. It was on one of these visits that Marcie asked her to do her a huge favor.

“I’ve gone and done something very foolish,” she said, I got my calendar mixed up and I have dates with two different men tonight, will you fill in for me with Ed, he won’t know the difference. He’s a really nice guy and we were only planning to go to a ball game.”

Marya said, “Absolutely not!” but then Marcie pleaded and pleaded until she gave in. After all nothing much could happen at a ballgame.
The arrangement was that she would go to Ed’s apartment at six and pick him up, as his car was in the shop. Marya knocked on the door nervously and was just a little shocked when it opened and Ed, dressed in his robe, greeted her with a long lingering kiss.

“I’ve been going crazy waiting for you baby, I’ve been as horny as hell all day just thinking about you,” he panted, giving her breast a little squeeze.

Marya was inclined to just turn around a...

The Steaming Diamond

Submitted by on July 31, 2012 (5 years ago)
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The Steaming DiamondSports trainers and athletes have always known about the magical qualities of moist heat. Nothing soothes and relaxes the muscles faster and more efficiently. One of them may have even come up with this technique.

Here's What You Need:

Two washcloths.
One bowl of hot water.
One pair of scissors.

Here's How You Do It:

Before you're going to make love, cut a three to four inch diagonal slit in the middle of each washcloth. Fill a bowl with hot water and place both of the washcloths in it to soak.

Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart.

Wring out one of the washcloths. Turn it forty-five degrees so that it looks like a diamond instead of a square.

Lay the washcloth over your woman's pubic area. The top of the diamond should be touching her pubic hair. The bottom will be at her anus and both sides will be against her inner thighs. Line the slit up with her vagina and use your hands to press and hold the washcloth in place.

Insert your tongue in between the slit and preform your finest oral pleasuring moves.

After a couple of minutes the washcloth will have cooled down. No problem. Just put it back in the bowl, wring out the other washcloth, lay it over the same area and continue until your woman achieves one of the "hottest" orgasms she's ever experienced.

How to Satisfy Your Woman

Submitted by on July 23, 2012 (5 years ago)
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How to Satisfy Your WomanWomen have a tendency to be passive when it comes to conversations about sex. You might think that your woman seems to enjoy this part of your relationship. However, you are not sure about what she really feels. Yes, relationship is not all about sex. But sex is something that makes the relationship stronger. It is like a bond that makes you one. There are several things you should know for you to make sure you make your woman satisfied.

1. Men are usually aroused when they see a woman’s body. Yet, women are not easily aroused this way. Their arousal depends more on their sense of touch. That is why it would be more advisable for you to have foreplay before you do the act. You will see that your woman will respond more in this.

2. In foreplay, put in mind that you are not doing it for your sake alone. You should do this considering that your woman doesn’t feel it’s a high time for the intercourse. However, in the process, make sure that it is driven by love and not just by lust. What’s the difference? When lust is dominant, foreplay will be disrespectful in the part of the woman. She can actually sense if you are not respecting her womanhood anymore. It is driven by love if you show care and gentleness in your touch and moves. The key here is not to rush but take time on exploring each other.

3. Another thing that will arouse your woman more is calling her name in your sex. It will be music in her ears if you do this.


Top Ten Sex Tips for Men

Submitted by on July 9, 2012 (5 years ago)
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Top Ten Sex Tips for MenSex is not all about doing it in the bed. The three attributes that can help you in building an effective relationship with women include - your caring nature, communication skills and your confident attitude. ‘Lusty talk’ during sex can help to stimulate women even more. Tease her and make her feel desirable and you are sure to give her orgasm even if your performance is below par.

1. If you sweat during sex don’t worry – sweating men ooze testosterone and it is a biological turn on for women.

2. During sex keep the room warm rather than cold. So maybe turn off the air-conditioner if necessary or turn it on low. Heat causes dilatation of blood vessels and more swelling of the penis and vagina and flushing of the skin. Heat makes you ‘flush during sex.’

3. If you want your girl to become pregnant make sure you give her a big orgasm. The chances of pregnancy increases because contraction of pelvic muscles during orgasm help the sperms move up the vaginal canal and fertilize the eggs.

4. If your girl has a headache and you have no pills available give her a big orgasm and this can relieve her headache. Sex is known to cure headaches due to release of morphine like pain killer substances in the brain called endorphins.

5. Big orgasm also requires you to indulge in some foreplay. Gently touching, stroking, sucking and licking your partners nipples, thighs, vagina and clitoris are sometimes enough to start the...

Foreplay First

Submitted by on June 21, 2012 (5 years ago)
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Foreplay FirstForeplay is a basic part of the whole lovemaking understanding. Most men and women in the whole world who had already experienced lovemaking will surely agree that long and sensual foreplay will lead to the best sexual encounter. Foreplay will bring more pleasure to you and your partner if you really put an effort while doing it. A reason for this is because when both parties are fully aroused only then can they achieve maximum pleasure.

There is a long list of activities that is classified as foreplay. These activities consist of undressing your partner, kissing and petting. Most people said that undressing your partner increases the eroticism and excitement it what willhappen next. Foreplay will help both partners enjoy the lovemaking even more. It will also help women reach orgasm more often.

There is not really a definite way or a definite guideline on how to do foreplay. Every woman is different from one another. What may please one will not necessarily mean that it will please the other. Foreplay is about understanding what makes your partner happier and what will be more pleasurable to your partner and to yourself as well.

Paying attention to the details will surely help you in your lovemaking with your partner. You have to create the right environment so that you can set the mood or the atmosphere. Once this is achieved, you can start doing foreplay. You have to slowly begin the process of foreplay. You can...

Foreplay: The Best Way To Get Started

Submitted by on May 10, 2012 (5 years ago)
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Foreplay: The Best Way To Get StartedMaking love is more than just having sex. Foreplay is the start, middle and ending to great love making. It can be made fun, unpredictable, and very satisfying. It also can help you get to know your partner a little more.

Kissing is the first step in making love. However, not just kissing your partner on his or her mouth. Instead, you can kiss every part of body and really explore your partner’s body.

Aside from kissing, you can also “nibble” which sort of tickles a person and helps to heat things up.

You can also give your partner a sensual massage. You don’t have to be an expert just gently touch, press and/or squeeze your loved one’s body.

Also focus on your partner’s sensitive areas. This is where you can arouse your partner even more.

Whispering sexy things during foreplay can and will add another level of sexual pleasure that will leave your partner very aroused. Whispering gives a certain feeling of sensuality and sexiness.

You can also do a full body press to the body of your partner. Imagine that you and your partner are two loaves of bread just stuck together in passionate love.

Take a shower together and wash each others bodies along with kissing and caressing. This is very popular and sexually gratifying sensuous act. Remember to take things slowly, explore your partner, see what they like and always strive to give them the best pleasure imaginable. The great th...