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Miss Take

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This happened sa late 90's na.  I was still a student in college and my gf at that time (na naging asawa ko na ex ko na ngayon) was one year ahead of me in college.  Although we have different courses in college, we were close because we had a subject na naging classmates kami.  Papalapit na summer and it was time for educational tours.  I was not yet graduating at the time so hindi ako kasali sa tour.   Their tour was supposed to be to Manila, Subic and other parts of Luzon.  I convinced her not to join her tour but instead have the tour for ourselves.  But she said she needed to join as it was a part of their grades and a pre-requisite to graduate.

Dumating na ang araw na paalis na sila para sa tour nila.  On the last minute, an unexpected event happened.  Her bestfriend's dad suffered a massive stroke and couldn't come.  She then had the idea of convincing the instructors that her friend needs her and she need to support her in her time of grief.  She had to insist that her friend is more important than the tour.  The teachers just told her that her payment was not refundable and that she is responsible while the tour was on-going.  Eventually, she stayed with her friend.

Bambi (my gf/ex-wife) was 21 yrs old then.  She's around 5'1" and a little chubby.  Since, di pa uso text or cellphone at that time (expensive pa), I was just at home playing with my playstation one.  It was not till morning that I got a call from Bambi and told me...