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No Sex. Just Foods.

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No Sex. Just Foods.I’m a cook by experience. No formal studies, I just love cooking. My dream is to build and own a restaurant that will cater All Bicolano Cuisine.

These are my specialties and personal recipes. Anong Order mo? Hehehe


1. Ginataang Laing (Traditional style: Crisp Laing, pork meat and pure Coconut Milk)

2. Ginataang Gulay na Santol and Sili (Extract of Santol Meat)

3. Bicol Express (Traditional Style: Alamang, Sili and Pork Meat)

4. Bicol Express sa Balat ng Baka with Pinya (Pineapple Chunks)

5. Nirelyenong Fried Hito (Served with side appetizer: Linantang pili, sliced indian mango and kamatis)

6. Ginataang Hito sa Kamias

7. Ginataang Fried Picadillo (Fried Stuffed Tilapia-in gata shrouded in Pechay and kamatis)

8. Dinuguang Native na Manok (Kuron Serving)

9. Dinuguang Baka (Kuron Serving)

10. Kandingga (Bopis) with Pinya (Pineapple chunks)

11. Ensaladang Inasal na Talong, with sweat and sour bagoong

12. Pata Tim sa Sangakaka (Sugar Molasses) and Sili (Humbang Bicol)

13. Ginataang Natural na Manok sa Dahon ng Libas

14. Ginataang Adobong Natural na Manok

15. Ginataang Fried Carabao Beef sa Sili

16. Ginataang Pato sa Tanglad and Libas

17. Palusag – (Ginataang Gulay na Langka sa Pork Liempo and Kamias) (Kuron Servin...