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The Fitness Program

Submitted by on May 11, 2018 (11 days ago)
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The Fitness ProgramI'm James, 57, and I live on a tropical island off the coast of Florida USA. I'm not the type of person you would typically find living on an upscale island, but I got here by hard work, good decisions and a lot of luck. A "blessing" perhaps, if you are among the faithful. I recently retired and have already accomplished a long list of projects and upgrades around the house. I expected my list would take a year to complete, but five months later I found myself bored, sitting by the pool and drinking way too much whiskey and beer.

I don't socialize much on the island. The people here aren't like me. For one thing, the lifestyle here begins at upper middle-class and goes up from there. These aren't the type of people I associate with, or can relate to. They don't work with their hands as I do. The only reason I chose to live here is to use my home as an investment as I upgrade it. I don't fit in well with these people, they live in fantasyland and have no idea what life is like for normal people in the real world.

Now, with so much time on my hands and no one to spend it with except beer and Jack Daniels, I've been putting on the weight. I caught a glimpse of my shadow the other day and was appalled at my size! I decided I was going to have to something about it. There's a park nearby, where all the snooty upscale soccer moms take their spoiled pre-schoolers to play, and/or to walk briskly around the track in their cute but hot expensive active...