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Arra and Ruby - Chapter 3

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Arra and Ruby - Chapter 3      Arra and Ruby
Two Good Girls from Davao

Chapter 3 -

Monday brought a new week, and the girls went about their business at home and school normally. They had no plans to "come out" to anyone, in fact they weren't sure if they actually were coming out of anything or what? Neither considered herself a lesbian and both were very feminine. There was no apparent tomboy in either. No one would be able to guess the true nature of their bond as long as they were careful.

Both living at home with their families, they didn't have many chances to do what they were craving. During the week, they mainly saw each other only at school or directly after. They had to get creative about when and where they expressed their passion; a little grab here, a little hug there, a text, a whisper..... "i want to fuck you baby ko"  or "your ass is so hot....".  Of course, all of this only threw gasoline on the fire. It didn't satisy them or calm their passion, it only increased it.

Evenings were torrid before falling asleep alone, Arra had begun discovering herself through masturbation. She loved her hot body, shaved pussy and newfound desire. One night she put a hand mirror on the floor and squatted over it, investigating and admiring her tiny puki. She opened it and noted it unfolded like a flower, she could see bright pink between the brownish inner lips and sh...

Arra and Ruby - Chapter 2

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Arra and Ruby - Chapter 2       Arra and Ruby
Two Good Girls from Davao

Chapter 2 -

The next morning was awkward. Arra woke up and left the bed. Ruby found her in the kitchen. Arra's mom offered her rice and eggs, and Ruby sat across the table from Arra, who would not look her in the eye. After breakfast, they went to Arra's room. Arra remained silent as Ruby gathered her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up and change. She wished Arra was there to shower with her, but she wondered if she was already regretting what they had done. Returning to the bedroom, Arra was now her old self, pleasant, but acting like nothing at all had happened. Ruby thought that maybe she was just mentally blocking it out. At least it appeared they were still friends. 

That week at school was the same as usual. Arra was open and friendly, but there was no talk of what happened. Finally Friday came and Ruby asked Arra to sleep over. She agreed, and arrived just before what was considered "dinner time" at her own house. Ruby ushered her in and Arra saw the place was a mess. They went into the kitchen and Ruby scrounged around for something to eat. Her mom was out and she hadn't seen her dad in a couple of days. The younger siblings were arguing in the other room. Finally Ruby gave up and suggested they go out. They took the jeep to the mall and happily loaded up on junk food from the food court. They walked around the mall a while and talked with som...


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Oh my love ‘till I found it to be true
Authentic love is fool, ‘till I met you
Utter myself through this love poesy              
With the charity of plume, merrily

As ‘lil lad Cupid pierced my heartiest loathes
And fair Minerva took my ancient thoughts
Phantom of love, How fierce and fresh art thou
As now you have touched me, naught remain but so

I love thee as a sensation of flame
Thy burning desire of my fancy care
Truly slave of thy solemn rapture’s dare
Could sacrifice my soul in a death’s lair

Thy eyes like lodestar in starry sky
Enlighten my days, even in doom of life
Thy voice, Apollo’s music of melody
Boost roses bloom, in time of June’s frenzy

Nobody can seize me away from thee
Even heralds of Paris and Adonis
For soul of Ars Amandi, I prithee
Kill what I love – a savage jealousy

I shall name this as love-in-idleness
Mad of kind embraces, tempting kisses
Uplift soul to heaven of seraphim
Like love between Xanthippe and Socrates

I will be thy savor of our love’s nest
And this is true not just frivolous jest
For I have thy love whi...

To Go or Not To Go

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Remember the guy I was seeking closure with?
Well...I have been able to accept the fact that I will never have what I wanted
...that our lives have moved on from where we were before.

Is acceptance moving on?
If yes, then I have moved on right?
If not...then what else should I do to be able to move on?

Now I am faced with a new dillema.

My bestfriend is going through a rough patch the past two months and has been seeking comfort from every possible group she's been with.
A few weeks ago, she posted a reminder of what we used to do in our kids group through facebook and tagged every member - him and me included.
A lot have commented. I didn't.
This guy and my bestfriend is also close...well...she was usually our messenger or bridge as some put it.
They are actively exchanging comments in the thread while I kept quiet.
They both know why but the rest of our group probably doesn't know why and keeps mentioning my name to call my attention.

Here's the catch that I didn't know because I turned off all notification in that post:
Just last night, my bestfriend arranged a reunion for our kids group...
Why? Because the guy is going back here in the Philippines and has requested to meet the group.
It is set next week. A week night.
I can be available.
But I dont want to go.

I dont know know how I'll be able to act normally around these peo...

Ako's Sayo, Ika'y Akin - Part 2

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She may be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
A smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem
Inside her shell

She, who always seems so happy in a crowd
Whose eyes can be so private and so proud
No one's allowed to see them when they cry
She may be the love that cannot hope to last
May come to me from shadows in the past
That I remember 'till the day I die

She maybe the reason I survive
The why and wherefore I'm alive
The one I'll care for through the rough in many years

Hmmm nice song, reminds me of Myla and Notting Hill
Fuck! I feel pain everywhere! Arrghhhhh
Ano na nangyari?
Last thing I remembered was switching lanes para iwasan yung kumag na nakamotor na lasing pa yata.
Shit! Where is Myla? 
If I'm like this? How is she?
And what day is today? 
Oh my goodness! What have I done? 
Myla, ang tagal ko inantay ang wedding day natin...have I been to selfish to wait this long?
Is this my punishment?
Please! Please! Let Myle be ok and safe, ok lang ako with this pain basta let Myla be safe.

"Based on Ruel's vital signs now and his record for the past 3 hours, he had stabilized. He might even be awake now but can move anything voluntarily including his eyes due to pain and numbness from the after effects of hi...

Ako'y Sayo, Ika'y Akin

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...At kahit ano'ng mangyari
Ang Pag-ibig ko'y sa 'yo pa rin
At kahit ano pa
Ang sabihin nila'y ikaw pa rin
Ang mahal
Maghihintay ako kahit kailan
Kahit na
Umabot pang ako'y nasa langit na
At kung 'di ka makita
Makikiusap kay Bathala
Na ika'y hanapin
At sabihin
Ipaalala sa iyo
Ang nakalimutang sumpaan
Na ako'y sa iyo
At ika'y akin lamang...

Hindi ko na kayang tapusin ang kanta...
Puno na ng luha ang aking mga mata...
May narinig akong bumagsak...ano yun?

Nakatulog ba ako, naalimpungatan lang ba, bakit ang ingay ng paligid?
Ambulansya ba yun?
Nasan ako?
Bakit hindi ko maibukas ang mga mata ko?

"Myla! Myla! Gumising ka na please"

"Bes, hindi magandang biro ito. Tama na ang tulog-tulogan mong style. College days pa yan e, wala pa si Pia na gugulatin mo...bukas pa ang dating nya from California kaya gising na Bes!"

Since college, ang OA talaga nitong sina Wendy at Abbie.
Kaya laging may award na drama queens kasi bilis pumatak ng luha, hahaha.
Pero bakit nga ba hindi ako makagalaw?
Anong nangyayari?
Inaantok na naman ako...

      Graduation Ball 1994, slow dancing sa the way you look tonight...

"Myla, ilang days na lang and I wil be leaving for Boston na."

Matagal na natin alam yan Ruel. Excited ka nga since nalaman mong pumasa ka sa college e...

Pang-Akit ng Probinsya(parte ika-Lima)

Submitted by on March 13, 2017 (1 year ago)
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auhor: cloud9791

“Uy... Uy.. gising na!” uga sa kanya ng isang kamay.

Pagtingin ni Romeo si Jasmine, ginigising sya.

“Hoy! Aba!... Ansarap nang buhay mo ah! Dumayo ka lang ng tulog!” sabi nito sa kanya.

“Ha! Ha! Anong oras na ba?” tanong nya.

Napaupo na si Romeo sa Duyan. Maliwanag pa rin ang sikat ng araw sa kulimlim ng mga puno.
Nakita nya si Isko nakaupo na sa isa sa mga upuan kahoy sa may tabi ng maliit na lamesa. May
kinakain sa maliit na mangkok.

“Kuya... kain na! Gawa ni Ate Jasmine,” aya sa kanya ni Isko.

“Umm... eto sayo oh,” biglang abot ni Jasmine sa kanya ng isang mangkok ring mainit-init pa.

“Te... Thank you,” sabi ni Romeo para sa dalaga.

Umupo si Jasmine sa isa sa mga upuang kahoy at may hawak na rin isang bowl.

“Dito ka kumain oh” muwestra sa kanya ni Jasmine sa isa pang librang upuan katabi nito.

Nagmamadali pa syang bumaba ng duyan at tumabi sa magandang dalaga.

“Okie.. OK... Ok!” napasagot pa nya.

“Mainit yan” mahinang sabi nito.

PEro huli na, nakasubo na siya nang isang kutsarang may sabaw ng minatamis na saging.

“Pssss.... pssss” paghihip ni Romeo sa napasong dila nya.

“Sabi ko mainit eh” ulit ng dalaga

“Hindi ko narinig kaya...” si Romeo.

“SUS! Binge...” nang masungit na si Jasmin...

Pang-Akit ng Probinsya (parte ikatlo) Revised*

Submitted by on March 7, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Si Romeo sa bahay nila Jasmine... 

"Nay...di pa nga natin yan kilala," ani ni Jasmine.

"Te-Thank you nga pala... Jasmine," biglang nasabi ni Romeo.

"Hmp! Mag-handa na po ako ng lamesa Nay" paalam bigla ni Jasming sabay umikot ang tingin.

NAglakad palabas ng silid.

Minasdan pa ni Romeo ang dalagang naka-duster lang. Aninag ang seksing katawan nito nang

tamaan ng araw papalabas ng kwarto. Nilibugan tuloy si Romeo... kasabay nang pag-sakit ng


"Hihihi... ganun lang talaga sya iho," ang ina naman nito ang umupo sa may tabi nya at

pinunasan ang katawan nya.

Gumaan na naman ang pakiramdam ni Romeo. Mas magaan kasi ang kamay nang ina sa

pagpupunas sa kanya. Teka bakit nga ba nila ako pinupunasan. Sinilip ni Romeo ang katawan

nya. NAgulat sya sa nakita.

May mga tapal-tapal na dahon at nakabenda sa katawan nya. May suot-suot na syang

purontong na shorts na alam nya hindi kanya.

"Mag-iingat ka rito iho... Wag ka basta-basta sumama kahit kanino... lalo na pag gabi na..."

paalala nito.

Napatingin sya uli kay Rina, ang maganda ring ina ni Jasmine. PArang pakiramdam ni Romeo

nag-init ang mukha nya. Di pa sinasadyang napatingin siya pababa. Nakita nya tuloy ang

dalawang malulusog na suso nitong walang bra. Naka-daster lang din ito tulad ng anak.


Kapirasong Papel

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Kapirasong PapelSome things happen to us noong high school na mas masarap kalimutan. Mga kapalpakan at katatawanan. Ang iba nga'y sumusugat pa sa puso. Pero meron din naman na napakasarap balik-balikan.

Julie was my classmate since first year high school and have been friends since. Kakatwa ang panliligaw na ginawa ko. Ito yung part ng high school life ko na masarap balikan. Paano ko nga ba niligawan? 

Nasa 3rd year na kami noon and we're both 15 years old. Mga bata pa at pawang puro laro ang lahat. I was so skinny and short pa. Late bloomer ako physically but she started to blossom into a very fine young lady kaya sangkaterba na agad ang manliligaw.

So one morning I just sent her a note sa isang pirasong papel just like before but this time with a different message in it. Uso pa noon kase sa classroom ang pasahan ng message dahil wala pang cellphone.

"Pwede bang ako naman ang manligaw?"

I saw her face nang mabasa nya yung isinulat ko. She grinned at tumaas ang kilay. Ninerbyos ako. Then nakita ko na nagsulat siya after a minute na tinititigan ang kapirasong papel.

"What?.., Why?"

Yun lang ang nakasulat! Yung bestfriend pa niya ang taga-abot ng papel na nakaupo sa pagitan namin. Walang kaalam-alam sa nangyayari. So thru that note I replied back na parang naglalaro lang talaga kaming dalawa:

"I think I gave all your suitors enough time. Ako...

Manukan nila Sir (part3)

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(Ang mga storyang sinulat ko ay pawang kathang ng aking malikot at malawak na imahinasyon/pag-iisip, kung may pagkakatulad/hawig sa pangalan, lugar at pangyayari ay di sinasadya ng may akda. Gusto ko lang ibahagi ang mga kwentong naglalaro sa aking isip at idinaan sa pagsusulat. Komento at suwestyon ay magiliw kong tatangapin para mas lalo kong maayos ang aking pagsusulat. Salamat... Enjoy reading - pilyangpasawaシ)

Part 3

~ Sernan’s point of View ~

   Paano ko ba sasabihin sayo DIta’s na ikaw ang gusto ko, na ikaw ang kailangan ko, at ikaw din ang mahal ko….. “Oh Ditas”. Simula pa lang nang tayo’y naging magkalaro, nang tayo’y mga musmos pa lang, habang naghahabulan sa mga kubol ng pahinganan nilala tata Ambo, maging sa likod ng manukan upang bulabugin ang mga manok. Nasabi ko sa aking sarili hindi kita iiwan.

   Pero, bakit ngayon ‘di ko masabi ang lahat ng ito. bakit di ko kayang magpakalalaki sayo. Bakit kung kalian pwede na at kaya ko nang bumuo ng sinasabi nilang pamilya at ikaw ‘yun napipili kong makasama. Bakit?

   Ito ngayon ang mga katanung ko sa aking sarili. Mahal ko siya pero takot akong ibang laban siya, na baka hindi siya tangapin ng pamilyang kong kinagisnan. Kahit na alam ko kilala siya ng pamilya ko dahil naninilbihan sila samin. At baka dahil sa naninilbihan nga lang siya eh baka matahin lang ang babaeng minamahal ko ng palihim sa kanila. Baka di ko kayanin.