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A Week That Was .... My First FSS GEB Memoirs

Submitted by on March 30, 2014 (4 years ago)
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My flight was finally airborne which means I was inevitably leaving the place where I spent the last eight nights. I was also leaving behind the people who had added another chapter to my book of happy and erotic memories.

I remember it was sometime in October of last year when a "meet-up" was discussed in whispers until it became a full-blown discussion in the chatroom and in the blogs/comments. It was, then, called the first FSS GEB.

The date of the GEB as initially discussed was sometime in February.

It was during the initial planning stage when I fell for one of my "crushes" and because I was so into the said event, I wrote my first story/confession na GEB-inspired at si "crush" ang bida doon.

Then the group which was later on called the ExeCom moved the date to March 29. Since we already had the date, I booked my flight as early as November 5 (yeah, I know what you're saying under your breath right now, "hindi ako masyadong excited" :D).

Well, actually, it was more of para makamura ako sa airfare and also para I won't change my mind kasi knowing me, sabog-sabog ang utak ko when it comes to planning. Sa sobrang spontaneous kong tao, I could change my mind in a heartbeat, depende sa mood ko yan. So para mafix yong mindset ko to attend the GEB I had to ensure my booking. Kasi kapag may ticket na, syempre, I would b...