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Borrowing Someone's Mistress

Submitted by on July 23, 2012 (5 years ago)
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On my way to Manila, I sent a text message to this girl whom I shall call Anne.
Sent a text saying "I'm on my way to Manila. What are your plans for tonight?"

Background: I'm not really sure exactly how I met this girl online... I think she responded to one of my "for sale" ads and added me in her YM list. Then as clever as I am, I browsed her profile on these social networking sites. And hmmmnnn.....Pwede!

I can't really remember, what she inquired about at first... What I can remember is that one time she asked for my name. And I gave her my usual
"The name is Bond..."
"...James Bond..."
"...by day..."
"...and by night they call me BADONG!"

And she responded with the usual: "Hahahahaha! Talaga lang ha?!"

That's how it all started... I saw her status in the social networking site that says "complicated". And I told her "I like complicated people... Parang relo na made in Japan lang yan..."

She works as an online customer care agent. And every now and then when I stay up late at night working on the internet, I usually catch her on YM.

Her: "Aside from selling stuff...what else do you do?"
Blade: "I'm a fortune teller..."
Her: "Hahahaha!"

Through YM chat, I found out that she was involve...