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My First International/Interracial FFM Skype Threesome

Submitted by on May 3, 2017 (9 months ago)
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My First International/Interracial FFM Skype ThreesomeHello again guys, it's me Tino. I'd like to share with you another of my strange experiences. Truth be told, this might not be interesting to a lot of you since it's just voice chat and not the "real thing" so to speak. Still, I'll say it's one of my more intense sexual experiences and, for those who want to know more, here's the story with key information removed for the sake of privacy. Also, I warn you that this will be very nerdy and weird.

It all began with a game of World of Warcraft. Yes, the MMORPG. After I graduated from college and got started on a life of my own, gaming was one of my only outlets of stress. While you could call the people I was around at work my friends, I could never really fully connect with them and found myself spending more time in front of a computer instead of watching teleseryes with my co-workers. Yes, I guess that'd make me a nerd but it really means nothing to me in the long run.

While playing WoW, I met two interesting friends: "Leah" and "Rose". "Leah" played as a Draenei Paladin, "Rose" had her Night Elf Druid and I was a Gnome Warlock. Yes, you're welcome to laugh but I like being funny that way. In fact, it was probably my odd sense of humor that endeared Leah and Rose to me.

We were part of an international guild that had players participating from all around the globe. Leah, a Canadian woman was probably one of the more popular players in the game due to her dedication to the g...