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“What are you doing?” the question more breath that solid words.

“Shhh.”  He commanded as he lifted the hem of my dress, pushed it up past my thighs, to my waist.  “I could smell your juices flowing.”  And he gave me that killer grin of his.

I looked down on him with anticipation.  This man is going to be the death of me!

A warm tongue lapped up against my thigh.  I feel my legs shake.  The thought about that tongue finally lapping up my pussy juices makes me close to the edge.  I feel his hot breath blow on my lace-covered mound.

“Please,” I found myself begging not recognizing the voice.  Was that me?   His fingers slid into me, penetrating me.  I feel my tremors come.  I moved my hips up and down his finger.  Taking one inch, and then another.

“More,” I demanded with desire.  In less than a heartbeat, he managed to pull down my lace panties and began to suck my clit in earnest.

“Oh God!” I feel my knees start to buckle.  It was a good thing I had the wall for support.  His warm lips and tongue sucked and licked and rammed one long finger all the way in, sliding and pumping it in time for my ongoing explosions.  I realized I was grinding my pussy lips into his mouth as I came.

I awoke with a start and realized it was all but a dream.  Damn that felt real!  I was short of breath, sweating,...