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Phallophobia (Fear of a Penis) - is the morbid and irrational fear of penises. This does not refer to those people, both men and women (more so women), who are just “turned off” by the thought of a penis, but rather those who are legitimately afraid of them.

Phallophobia is a condition where the sufferer experiences extreme terror with the thought of or exposure to a penis. Even a mere photograph or mention of one may “set them off”.

Symptoms of Phallophobia

General symptoms of Phallophobia, however, include a lack of sexual desire, extreme terror when faced with these type of situations, and general anxiety or feeling uncomfortable. Entering a sexual situation, or even just the mention of it or penises, could cause these feelings.

Ano naman kaya ang tawag sa namimiss ang etits at gustong humawak o sumubo nito? 

Sabi nga ni Fairybuntot, "Juice colored!!!"




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It is a night when slumber is sought
Crowding pictures of you In ghastly films of thought
Uneasy, in truth, that may be
For no doubt, it is you that speaks to me.

Your voice rings midnight silence in my ear
Dispelling gloom and sweaty afterthoughts of fear
And yet to come great waves of pensive loneliness
That swiftly shatters into haunting fragments of distress

But there, a laugh lurks boldly in my mind
Quelling pangs of pain from behind
Such lame beginnings that sorely bother me
It is LOVE that simply wants to be free....