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My Fav Author: Fianne Elisse

Submitted by on December 26, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Looking back there was only one author that made a mark on me and it was Fianne Elisse. She wore really hot stories and yung story telling niya was very engaging and hot.

Ever since nawala yung pinoylit parang ang hirap na maghanap ng mga stories niya especially yung mga voice recordings niya (they were apparently taken down on soundcloud).

Hope I can get to find and read/listen again some of her works....

So... Who are your Top 3 favorite FSS Writers?

Submitted by on August 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hello everyone! I'm sort of new to the FSS Site but not new to reading pinoy-written erotic stories. I've only just started browsing through a few stories on here, and I have to admit na magagaling talaga yung mga writers dito!

May mga istorya talaga na kaabang-abang hindi lang dahil ito'y nakakalibog but also because you get hooked with the storyline itself.

So my question is...

Who are your top 3 favorite FSS Writers? And ano yung most favorite mo sa mga sinulat nila?

Kudos to all FSS Erotic Writers! May you all continue to share your talent with storytelling....