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Threesome Chatsex?!

Submitted by on July 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I know, the title is as absurd as it sounds.

I find the idea of threesome chatsex quite interesting and unique. I don't know why, but even though the fact that I DO want an actual threesome, the concept of having threesome chatsex sounds equally exciting for me.

Why? I don't even know myself.

Maybe it's fascinating for me to have two equally aroused ladies exchanging dirty talks, showing pictures, and showing off on cam.

Maybe it's just me.

Has anyone actually tried this? If not, would this be a great idea? Feel free to give your insights. :)...

Ponderings of a 27-day old FSS Member

Submitted by on July 5, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Wow. Just wow.

A few weeks have already passed ever since I signed up here.
Gained a lot of opportunities.
Met some amazing people.
Had a few sextmates.
Had a chance to fulfill some of my sexual fantasies here.

It's overwhelming.

For someone as young as me, I probably wouldn't have explored this site. But I'm thankful I did.

For the first time, I was gauged into writing stories. Though I admit the first story, I think it wasn't really that good (I'm thinking if I'll still continue it).

For the first time as well, I had a chance to talk with like-minded people who are open to sex.

Some, I engaged in meaningful conversations with.
Others became sextmates.

It's really amazing for me.

I feel like I'm freed from the usual bindings placed on me.

Here, I can become wild.
Here, I can live my sexual fantasies.
Here, I can fap to all stories I want.
Here, I release all my inhibitions about sex.

This site is, and will always be, a mainstay for me.

Looking forward to meet more amazing members here, have a meaningful conversation with, and who knows what happens? The future is full of possibilities.

Looking forward to meet more amazing members of this site.
Hope you'll support my writings!

I'll always be in heat. Come, if you dare to seek me. ;)

What a nice sext-perience

Submitted by on July 3, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Sa wakas. After quite a bit of taking chances and looking here and there, I managed to find people who are quite interested in me. I didn't think this would happen though. But hey, whatever happens, happens.

There's this girl who contacted me before, and I had a hard time contacting her because of her settings, hindi ako makasend ng e-mail sa kanya. So I managed to drop a few hints, and thankfully, she got it. And man, was it worth the wait.

Sexting is one thing I don't usually do. I was looking for a more heated-up, and something to satisfy my eyes (because guys are very visual) like camsex. I would even settle for sex on call, because moaning, especially when not faked, really turns me on.

But this girl was really amazing. No pictures. Just pure chat in Skype. And damn, was I ever so turned on by her.

What turns me on about her is that she is willing to listen to my fantasies and she plays along with the things I want to do. She even said that she doesn't want me to do things I'm not comfortable doing, and she asks me if it's too much, or if I can handle it. I like that, actually.

We had already three sext sessions, and every single time, lagi akong tigasan, and I cum a lot. Unusual, since di ko feel ang sexting.

I am very much looking forward to more sexting sessions with her, and who knows? Maybe I'll get to have actual sex with her in bed. Like I said, whatever happens, happens. ;)...

Little Secret

Submitted by on May 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I am so turned on with girl to girl action. I am very discreet about this and no one in the real world knows about it.

do you have  fantasies too? i would love to hear from you....


Submitted by on July 25, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Hi! guisse! It's been a month since i posted my first story. So, andito ulit ako to post another one. 
This is a real story of my sexcapade with my bff  ;)

It's been three months na since my bf left, the last time i had sex medyo matagal na rin, at hindi ko rin naman sya gaanong na-enjoy. Hayyy, marami nag-memesage sakin sa FSS pero hindi ko talaga trip makipag meet and sex with stranger. kinakabahan kasi talaga ako sa ganun, buti na lang hindi ako gaanong na bo-bored kasi kahit wala si bf, andyan naman ang mga friends ko. mas okay kaya mag party-party pag walang bf na bantay. hehehehe

So, ayun nung naka recieve ako ng invitation ng highschool reunion namin go agad ako. nagpaalam naman ako kay bf pinayagan naman nya ako. Excited ako kasi makikita ko ulit yung mga friends tska syempre excited ako makita yung HS crush ko hahaha. :"> 

Nung araw nung reunion namin, medyo kinakabahan ako, hindi ko alam kung bakit. very unusual kasi madalas naman akong umaattend ng mga events and parties pero ewan ko ba kung bakit ako kinakabahan nun. Tinxt ko si bea yung HS best friend ko, sabi ko sa kanya mag sabay na kami, si bea meron kami common crush nung highschool si roden, gwapo si roden, matangkad, moreno ika nga nila tall, dark and handsome. nung highschool kami sya lagi ang na nonominate na escort namin sa classroom. marami din talaga nag kaka-crush sa kanya noon. na-eexcite akong makita sya, ano na kaya itsura...