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vanessas's story

Submitted by on November 18, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Fiction po ito...base ito sa fantasy ni virgin pussy..
as usual 3 part story ito...
watch out for more
pa request ni virgin pussy..

Vanessa, A voluptous lady...walking towards me..straight black hair..smooth soft skin..with hairs..or balbon..
but i forgive her..as she smiled at me, eyes sparkling..
I was a nervous wreck..
I just got off to a 10 hour loong trip..from manila to her place..and it was freezing..my clothes are all wrinkled..had little sleep..eyes red..pretty much sure i have morning breath..so i chewed my trusty candy
Compared to her...well...i would choose her..
That was the plan..

She hugged me.
.she petite me a towering guy..
dwarfed her.
.but she hugged me still..
like a long lost lover..i smelled her..her hair smells of summer breeze..
And i kissed her...her lips red...juicy..mouth watering..inviting..she was sweet.. 

I kissed her a long while drenching of my thirst..like a man dying..her lips and tounge my only salvation..and she didnt let down..hunger consumed us..time stopped...i stopped..only thing that matters was her lips..her body..her smell..
Then she stopped..

"Good morning deck!!" Smiling..lips glistening..no lipstick there..

"Ganito pala bumati mga taga ××××× kung bumati.."
She laughed..oh my heart skipped a bit..
"Paisa pa nga" i swooped in..she let me..
Just a smack...im getting hot..and i swear my gla...