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What This Day May Bring

Submitted by on December 24, 2015 (1 year ago)
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Just a flow of thoughts lurking inside my head and want to share it to you....

It's the 24th of December and for most number of individuals that believes in something miraculous is attached the coming day, have already spent 8 sleepy nights/mornings in a nearby "church".

The inevitable fact that everyone knows, this day is the climax of their seemingly endless days of shopping spree and the wrath of enduring the heavy traffic and muscling through the extreme jampacked MRT/LRT. The month that literally flows with cash, as scheduled bonuses and other incentives pours in to a workers pocket.

The day that a child awaits for the gifts to receive, and for PROUD AND HAPPY PARENTS to long for the sight of the sweet smile from their sons/daughters as they tear up the wrappers from each gjfts that is right kn front of them.

As for someone that is in similar situation that I have for two years now, all we could do is to somehow try not to foresee and remember the sweetest smile and the sincerest awe that my daughter gave out everytime she aould wake up and see our gifts in any given day but specially on the eve of each December 24 that we had, before the day that my right to be loved and at least play with my daughterr was taken away by HER Mom that intentionally tore me apart in my daughter's mind which started two days after a very happy day that we had all together... instantly they never spared the child from the issues t...

Ang Pamilya Ng Aking Asawa: Ang Pagkabigla

Submitted by on March 25, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Ang seryeng ito ay kathang-isip lamang ngunit ang mga karakter dito ay hango mula sa totoong mga personalidad na aking kakilala. Kung mayroon mang pagkakahawig sa tauhan, lugar at pangyayari, ito ay hindi sinasadya at nagkataon lamang.

"Mahal, pakidala mo daw yung isang car cover kina Ama. Meron din daw pinadalang prutas sina Lola Inday galing Quezon. Pakikuha mo na lang kasi overtime ako ngayon. Love ya!"

Iyan ang text message sa akin ng aking asawang si Roxanne. Mataas ang katungkulan niya sa isang call center sa may Ortigas. Dahil Sabado naman kaya wala akong pasok. Naghanda na ako ng aking sarili upang lumuwas papuntang Bulacan, sa bahay ng aking biyenan.

Hindi naman ako gaanong natrapik. Pagkadating ko doon ay tumuloy na ako sa sala dahil sa bukas naman ang bahay.

"Ama! Ina!", ang tawag ko. Ngunit wala akong narinig na sumagot. Tumuloy ako sa kusina at sa likod ng bahay ngunit walang tao doon. Dumako ako sa mga kuwarto. Kumatok ako sa kuwarto nina Ama.


"Pasok ka..." at pumasok naman ako ng kuwarto. Ngunit nabigla ako sa aking nakita.

Walang ni anumang saplot si Ama habang nakatayo ito sa gilid ng kama. Samantalang, isang babaeng nakahubad din, maputi at makinis ang kutis, may malalaking mga suso, at seksing katawan ang ngayo'y nakaluhod sa harapan ni Ama habang tsinutsupa nito ang malaking burat ni Ama. Hindi ako maaaring magkamali kung sino ito.

Siya si Nicole. An...

A Life with My Mom

Submitted by on February 4, 2015 (2 years ago)
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A Life with My MomIts a wonderful day today because its my moms birthday. The best and the most wonderful woman in my life. She gave me the life I deserve, the love I need and the time that I am thankful of. My Mom Loves me so much that it come a time that she would do anything for us. My mom is very possessive to us. She wants our attention only for her. She would be with me even in the weirdest days. She will make sure that I am watched over but she won't stop me on doing things that she thinks I can. My mom dreams with me and my siblings. She would picture what she wanted to happen to our house or what car she wants. Until the day she have her money of all she have worked for, we all saw how she grew up and become a successful woman and mother.

She embraced me and cried when she saw me graduated, same as my brother and sister. She told us that she was the happiest mother in the world. My mom is also a wonderful wife. She gave my dad the patience of all the wives can have. My dad become polygamous, we saw how he cheated on our mom but mom fought for us and her love for my dad. That is why for 21years of marriage, they are still together. My parents lessons in life is the guidance and lessons I applied in my life. My mom is my inspiration as a woman. She gave me a wonderful life , emotionally and materially fulfilled. My mom would be the best mother-in-law. Because she would advise me not to fight with my ex-boyfriend. She would take the side of my ex yet balance to not hurt m...

Kami Ni Tito

Submitted by on July 4, 2013 (3 years ago)
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