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Same Wavelength

Submitted by on July 15, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Same WavelengthHello! Musta na po mga ka-FSS? Medyo matagal na akong hindi nakapag-sulat ng sex stories since "busy" ako lagi. Hihihi. So since andito na rin lang ako, meron akong i-sshare sa inyo.

Recently (actually matagal na) na-try kong makipag-sex chat. I have my dummy account (with fake name syempre) pero I use my real pics (young). Well, since mas gusto ko experience ang real sex, hindi ako masyadong ganado sa sex chat, pero recently, nakakakuha ako ng kakaibang feeling pag nasa "Same Wavelength" kami ng ka-chat ko.

Let me elaborate, alam mo yung tipong iniisip mo pa lang yung isang bagay, tapos biglang sasabihin na nya or io-open nya sa usapan? Things like that gets me gushing! Pero it's not limited to just that. At hindi rin ito simpleng hulaan session. At some point, meron akong gustong ipagawa dun sa kachat ko or dapat nyang banggitin, pero I won't directly say it to him. Bibigyan ko sya ng "hints" para malaman nya ang gusto ko, at pag tumama sya...instant orgasm again for me!

Well anyway, ang gusto ko lang sabihin is, hindi lang umiikot sa sexchat ang usapan pag ako ang kachat. I mean, hindi ako mismo sa sexchat nag-oorgasm, it's the little things that matter. Hihihi....

camfrog chatmate encounter

Submitted by on April 28, 2014 (4 years ago)
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It was a tuesday... around 4am.
I was chatting with with an FB friend who happens to be working in abs-cbn.  A company I used to work for.

While we where chatting I told her I that I "liked" the groups she was "in" at fb. 
The likes of  "LAHAT NG MALIBOG SUMIGAW!!", "NID`ka`SEX`wlang`hiyaan" and "sop,sexmate,seb, callmate  at globe user come and join"...

Then she replied that they where boring. And so I suggested to her two of the goups I was currently active on " I said". And copy pasted these:
http: // www.filipinosexstories.com
Writings about Sex Stories, Confessions, Sex Tips, Sex Related News, Blogs, Sexy Text Messages,...

Then, I continied to tell he that,  "there's a chat forum there plus, camfrog.com
you may want to install the app and then chat with pinoys here and abroad. their both active". 
I said.

"Ill try them. Maybe tom" she hesistatly replied.
Please do, I told her and then she replied by saying "seems to be interesting huh".

"Why did you say, it seems to be  interesting?" I asked.
Then she replied "from the title itself. though i didnt open the link yet.
Im just using a mobile now."

I followed by typing "you may chat naman sa mobile sa camfrog"
"Maybe tom. Ill try it" she replied.

As a last note I said "sure. just buzz me up so i can add you up."
And my conjucture was - "sleep ka...