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Punit 4

Submitted by on April 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Nakikita ko sa mukha ni Maggie ang kalituhan sa sinabi ko.

 A-ano sinabi mo?”

“I want to have sex…or at least see how you two have sex.”

“T-teka…you said a while ago that you would refrain from having sex with your boyfriend until your honeymoon. What gives?”

“I said that I respect my relationship to Harson very much that I will not do anything to break that.”

“Eh ano yung kasunduan niyo that you will not have sex until marriage?”

“Yes, I will”

“And you want to have sex with us?”

“I want to see how you too have sex.”

“Fuck K! Don’t mess with my brain right now.”

“Maggie, wala naman siguro akong sinisirang pangako kung manonood ako kung paano kayo nagse-sex di ba? I mean, I’m just watching, there’s no contact involved…”

“Ok…but why?”

“I realized kasi…how can I be any good in bed with Harson if both of us don’t know what we’re doing?”

“Sis, why don’t you just watch adult movies, x-rated movies or if you to be more vulgar, watch pornography?”

“I’ve done that, but it’s not enough. Gusto kong makakita nito mismo.”

“And you want us to help you out.”

“Y-yes…kung ok lang sa inyo.”

“Well, Gan said that he likes you, but he won’t insist if you don’t want it. Sige, kakausapin ko lang saglit ang bhe ko.”